Administrative Service Business Plan

Administrative Service Business Plan

Everywhere Assistant is an innovative virtual assistant startup. The company is a sole proprietorship with Sadie Clark as the founder and sole employee. The company was created and will serve a wide range of geographical customer segments.


Everywhere Assistant has identified three market segments which should be targeted. The first segment includes companies of different sizes. Wide-scale corporate downsizing is a frequent occurrence in today’s business climate. Everywhere Assistant finds this beneficial because people who are still employed within the company will be more busy than ever. In a downsizing environment, it is common to outsource jobs or projects that the current staff can’t handle. Everywhere Assistant believes that the majority of their sales (relative to the other customer segments) will come from the companies.

Individuals make up the second customer segment. This is a very appealing segment as we all have less time in our day. Using a virtual assistant (VA) is one way to create more free time, or at least not have to do tasks that we may not prefer to. The services that are provided to individuals are likely to be more tedious than those offered to companies.

Non-profit companies are the last customer segment. These organizations, due to their status not for profit, do not have excess capital. They have therefore tried to maximize the employee’s tasks and responsibilities. This means most employees are quite busy. The organization may not have an employee who can take over a task when it arises. VA’s can seamlessly and quickly take over tasks. This allows the company to save money as they only pay for the labor necessary to complete the task.


Everywhere Assistance offers many different services. Many of the services are administrative, such as data entry or mailing list updates. These services will be billed at the lower end, between $25 and $45 Services that are billed out near the top of the range are those that require higher levels of skills such as accounting, marketing, and graphic design. The middle range will include services like concierge services and travel arrangements, which can be a wide range. The offered services will be things that the customer does not have time for or things that they choose not to do, something they would prefer someone else to take care.

Competitive Edge

The majority of VA services are secretarial in nature. These jobs are easy for an administrative assistant to handle. Everywhere Assistant will utilize their broad range of skills to the fullest extent. Everywhere Assistant offers clients many technical skills, including proficiency in QuickBooks Pro for accounting, PageMaker graphic design, and marketing and research skills. This gives clients a competitive edge as they will continue to use the VA if they are happy with their service and work product. Problems arise when the VA is not able to help the client with a particular project. The client will need to look elsewhere. A VA (Everywhere Assistant), who has a wider range of skills, is able to provide more value to clients.

Everywhere Assistant uses the virtual assistant model to provide a variety of customer services from a remote location using the internet. This is an efficient business model that will allow Sadie to make a decent income while still having the flexibility to complete the jobs as she pleases. The sales forecast indicates revenue will rise for year two and year three along with corresponding net profit increases.

1.1 Keys To Success

  • The Everywhere Assistant offers a variety of services that allow them to take on any task.
  • Maintain a flexible enough schedule so last minute projects can be completed.
  • Assure accurate billing and estimates for your project.

1.2 Mission

Everywhere Assistant is committed to providing the highest quality administrative assistant services, even from remote locations. Everywhere Assistant will have the ability to manage a wide range tasks with professionalism and trust. Everywhere Assistant will go beyond customer expectations.

1.3 Objectives

  • To earn more than $35,000 in the first 12 months.
  • To earn enough money to keep the job as a full-time position.
  • You will be able reduce your marketing costs after a few years if you have enough word-of-mouth projects.

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