Advertising Marketing Consulting Business Plan

Advertising Marketing Consulting Business Plan

Marketing plans must be win-winners. If they don’t help managers gain market share, increase sales or other ‘wins’, then the plan is a waste. This is essential for small businesses because they need to maximize their return on every marketing dollar. Pioneer Marketing provides a variety of winning marketing consulting services for its clients. These services include both tactical implementation and strategic planning. It involves the use of processes that can lead to a executable marketing program, including market segmentation analysis, product line analysis financial planning, competitive analysis, and design of a project plan. This document will provide a roadmap for all marketing activities planning and supervision. Once the strategic process has been completed, it is time to start the execution in real life.

Pioneer Consulting is composed of five graduates from the Marshall School of Management State University. Marshall’s Marketing Program ranks in the top fifteen in the country. Its graduates have gone on and taken positions at some of the most prominent marketing firms in the United States. Pioneer Consulting was awarded the Andrew Stiegman marketing competition this year. This prestigious award is given each year to the best strategic marketing plan for a proposed small business. Teams from the region’s five graduate marketing programs submitted proposals that were then evaluated by a panel of top marketing professionals.

Pioneer Consulting’s target client is a small business that cannot afford the marketing services of a firm. This allows them to optimize their marketing spends. Pioneer Consulting will be a results-driven marketing firm. We offer a range of services. This allows us the opportunity to assess a range of marketing communication tools and to choose those most suitable to our client’s needs. Combining these tools allows us to create meaningful, efficient marketing for maximum results.

1.1 Mission

Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting their marketing goals. We provide complete support and a commitment that we will communicate our clients’ ideas in a strategic and creative way.

Success keys 1.2

  • Have the technical expertise to minimize the learning curve for our clients and minimize their expenses.
  • Assist our client’s business team.
  • Assure timely launch of each client’s marketing program.
  • Generate new innovative strategies for our clients that result in a high-quality and cost-effective product.

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