Aircraft Weighing Systems Business Plan

Aircraft Weighing Systems Business Plan

Heavy Lifting, Inc., which is a brand new company in the international civil air industry, is still in its initial stages. It is being formed to take advantage of a gap that exists in international civil aviation safety with respect to the provision of systems:

  1. You can independently verify compliance to maximum certified aircraft weight and balance limits during take off or landing.
  2. That provide airport operators with a revenue-generating tool that is more efficient and uses a fairer base from which to generate airport landing fees than the present system.
  3. That offer others in the industry cost savings and accurate weight & balance measurement.
  4. They provide assurance, fuel and emission savings, and reduce maintenance costs.

Heavy Lifting, Inc.’s management has over 80 years of combined experience in engineering and aviation.

Heavy Lifting, Inc. anticipates extraordinary sales and a commensurate profit by year three, despite a modest initial turnover. Our research has revealed that there is potential for over 10,000 airports to use our product. The company is confident that it will be able to take a significant share of the global market from this potential. An outside investor with 20% of the Heavy Lift stock can expect an IRR 91% on a $1,000,000 investment by year 5. We plan to issue our stock in an initial public offering.

We will show the importance of aircraft weight and balance systems for all airports which transport passengers, freight, or for hire or reward. We will discuss a new and innovative way to generate revenue for airport owners, and a tangible flight safety improvement that can potentially save the industry many lives and prevent unnecessary aircraft hull loss.

1.1 Objectives

The company has the following objectives:

  • To construct and test the first two (2) Heavy Lifting Aircraft weigh bridges at DEF California, U.S.A, in the first-year of operations.
  • To accept the idea of weigh bridges for safety and compliance checks on all Regular Passenger Transport (RPT), and Cargo aircraft in U.S.A and worldwide.
  • Maintain a worldwide database of commercial balance and weight information.
  • After acceptance by FAA of the mandatory requirement for RPT airports, to provide Heavy Lifting systems for regular public transport and cargo aircraft safety monitoring and compliance and to gain acceptance from other State CAA’s and from ICAO of the need for a global safety and compliance monitoring weight and balance network (Create SARPS in Annex 6).

It is our ultimate goal to sell Heavy Lifting aircraft weights and balance weigh bridges at all airports worldwide that provide aircraft transporting passengers and cargo for rental or reward.

1.2 Mission

Heavy Lifting’s mission, is to provide cost-effective and accurate aircraft weight and balance as well as safety and compliance monitoring systems for all aviation users. This includes regulatory authorities as well as airport owners, plane operators, airline insurers and aircraft manufacturers.

All aircraft will be accurately and quickly measured prior to takeoff. This will ensure that they don’t exceed the maximum allowed takeoff weight or exceed the load balance limit for the aircraft type. To ensure compliance to the maximum certified landing weight for each type of aircraft, every aircraft will have its weight weighed on landing.

Our products will increase flight safety. They will be manufactured to the highest international standards in accuracy, reliability and quality control. Our products are ISO 9001 certified.

We pledge:

  • Honesty.
  • Conduct ethically
  • Fairness.
  • Openness (Transparent business dealings).
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Ongoing feedback and discussion.

To our staff, we offer industry leading renumeration packages that recognize and reward excellence. All full-time employees receive a remuneration package that recognizes and rewards their contribution to the company, their families, and the community.

Benefits such as heath care insurance, term life insurance and long-service pension plans are offered to all staff under the terms of our various contracts.

Our customers can rest assured that we will listen to them. We will be attentive to our customers’ needs and work with them throughout the product’s development. We will be friendly, professional, and helpful from pre-contract to after-contract.

We pledge to maximize profits for our shareholders. This is consistent with a policy that values quality and service over profit. All shareholders are welcome to contact senior management of the company with any concerns. To this end, we publish all contact email addresses. We will work openly and professionally and welcome any constructive feedback.

1.3 Keys of Success

These are the keys to our success:

  • Experienced executive management
  • High-quality products
  • Systems delivered on-time and within budget
  • Unmet market demand for our products

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