Art Film Theater Business Plan

Art Film Theater Business Plan

The Miami Beach Film Society 501(c)(3) is a non-profit organization. The Miami Beach Cinematheque is expanding in order to finally have a permanent place. The office/headquarters will house MBFS&#8217’s main annual festival, THE FESTIVAL FILM FESTIVAL. The Miami Beach International Film Festival is also being launched during the second year. This plan will focus on the first year, which includes opening the Cinematheque and establishing a Strategic Start-up “Founding circle” to support creative programming, sales of products and services, and fundraising.

We are seeking additional funding to help us cover our initial expenses, such as build-out and rent, related issues, equipment and cash, as well as initial start-up costs. The combination of memberships and admissions will continue to bring in revenue.

We have already established strategic alliances and partnerships with several businesses and organizations that will help the Cinematheque to succeed. The Cinematheque’s business goals in the first year are in five categories.

  1. Opening the space successfully;
  2. You can earn earned revenue through ticket sales, product sales, and fundraising.
  3. Keeping gross profit margins high;
  4. Raising substantial percentages of revenue from grant sources to develop and maintain membership level;
  5. Outreach is a key goal for reaching different audiences.

The Miami Beach Film Society&#8217’s mission includes providing a cultural alternative and promoting the artistic aspects of commercial filmmaking. Special attention will be paid to Miami Beach’s culture diversity. The Cinematheque can be used to discover, enjoy, teach, and learn. It will also be a workplace of inclusion and respect, with a focus on the development of creativity and ideas.

MBFS has been programming special events since years. This success is due to collaboration with other cultural organizations, its creative programming that utilizes the uniqueness of Miami Beach and its exceptional sense of marketing.

The products and services provided by the Cinematheque will all complement the main mission of the organization, to provide a cultural alternative to the commercial film going experience. Creativity and imagination will drive the quality of the merchandise and service offered by the Cinematheque. The result is a unique cinematheque experience. The Miami Beach Cinematheque is a new experience. Such creative programming as “Food & Film: Movies To Dine For”, “Yoga & Film”, and “Cafe Con Cinema” combines the intriguing and sometimes provocative aspects of our diversified local culture, supplemented by high quality merchandise that serves as educational souvenirs and reference material.

Our core market for Cinematheque is the person who is passionate about cinema and appreciates alternative options to commercial offerings. The core market is present in all categories of our main markets. Our target markets are based upon the largest percentages of the pie. However, we want to grow the smaller percentages so we are targeting specific markets.

There is currently no South Beach organization providing the kind of services and emphasis that MBFS provides for Miami Beach. The Cinematheque fills a critical gap in alternative programming after the closing of The Alliance ‘#8220’ arthouse Cinema on Lincoln Road. They will be happy to learn that programming will be targeted at them, but with an entirely different package. Squeezing seven nights out of an audience that supports one or two on a regular basis is why we will have programming such as “Views From the Underground” and “Foreign Film Fridays” in our programming line-up for niche markets and outreach for underserved audiences, as well as “Jazz or Classical Filmbrunch” featuring live entertainment and a lighter fare appealing to a wider audience.

Our singular focus on film and related art has given us a strong direction. We are now the leading source for education and cinematic arts in Miami Beach. Cinematheque will serve as the central venue for film enjoyment, enrichment, and enjoyment. Marketing will place emphasis on the Cinematheque’s benefits and how to enjoy them. A variety of programs provide a refreshing experience for regular visitors, which will enhance their appreciation, enjoyment, as well as education about the Cinematheque.

Our marketing strategy includes membership development, The Cinematheque Newsletter, The Founding Circle and other direct mailings. Telemarketing is also used to market Cinematheque products and/or services. We use targeted advertisements, general listings, flyers, programs, flyers, brochures, the database and contacts with the press.

MBFS has started a massive fundraising campaign for initial start-up expenses for the Cinematheque. Each area of need will be strategically matched with a potential donor, starting with construction costs and ending with festival grants. The Start-Up Donor Drive, grant-development, fundraising events and hiring fundraising professionals are all areas of fundraising.

The Miami Beach Cinematheque website at shows the creativity and style that will be used to promote the film society. Strategic directional links will be placed on every page of the website to direct visitors to online and offline sales. The Miami Beach International Film Festival website will be separate,, and the two sites will mutually benefit by being linked at many strategic points.

Run for years by a Director and Board of Directors, the opening of the Cinematheque will expand the team to include an Operations Manager, and the Director will assume that position as he always has until the need arises to make it a paid position. The volunteer Board will play a major role in organizing the area. Each person will play a role in managing the volunteer activities. As the Miami Beach International Film Festival’s (MBIFF) development approaches, the team will be ready to take on the larger project. Potential managers will also be available for paid positions when needed. The Board of Trustees will also be a volunteer organization. It will provide advice and donations of inkind, products, and services.

Dana Keith is the Director and Founder of the Miami Beach Film Society. He founded it in 1993. He has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Cinema (emphasizing film history, aesthetics, and criticism), and one in Fine Arts (emphasizing graphic arts with photography/photolithography), from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His film exhibition background includes management of the Arlington Center for the Performing Arts in Santa Barbara, and The Red Rock 11 Theatres, at the time the world’s largest theatre complex. The ten-year experience he has had researching museums and cinematheques across Europe has influenced him and has helped him develop his ideas and concepts for the Cinematheque. Experts say his extensive collection of souvenir program covers from all over the planet, covering the whole history of cinema, is one of the most important aspects of the Cinematheque, including education, marketing, and exhibition.

The Board of Directors has been around for many decades. They serve in many capacities, and have helped to make MBFS a central part of Miami Beach’s cultural structure. Actress Barbara Pergament &#8211, Chairman, Lucille Accella of Northwest Airlines &#8211, Secretary/Treasurer George Neary, Director of Cultural Tourism For The Greater Miami Visitors and Convention Bureau Marybeth Sheehan of DeNiro Realty Cristiane Roget from AP+Films International and Seth Finkel Esq. 8211; Legal Consultant were all long-time volunteers and will now play an even greater role in expanding the Society, helping develop the Board of Trustees, as well as guiding the organization.

In line for important positions on the team include future Programmers/Production Directors

Juan Carlos Zaldivar. Rhonda Mitchellrani. Juan Carlos Zaldivar was the director/producer. He earned both his BFA as well as MFA in Film Studies at NYU Film School.

How to Make a Bird, How to Make a Tree

How To Make A River

. He was named a Sundance Film Institute Fellow in the summer of that year. Juan produces the PBS series.

In The Life

. He teaches at the Undergraduate Film Program at NYU, and is a member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

Rhonda L. Mitrani, Director/producer/editor, is graduate of the University of Michigan, BFA. She started her film career in New York at Miramax Films as a Post Coordinator on Marvin&#8217’s Room. Additionally, she assisted on Modulations that played at Sundance Film Festivals. She was editor on Hit and Run. She also edited for Pseudo Programs and, most recently, for the film the Suitor. She is a regular editor at ABC news. Cuba mia is her debut feature documentary.

Aleksandar Stojanovic (CWS Productions), Grants Consultant Pola Renburd, Paulo Sadri (TMG Productions), International Film Festival liaison Sandy Mandelberger (International Media Resources) and Jesse Rodriguiz based out of Chicago are some of the other members of the team. This international team forms the basis that will help make the Cinematheque and MBIFF a major success. As we continue to develop, the team will grow.

The balance sheet and all tables in this plan indicate a balanced but adequate growth of net worth. It also shows a satisfactory financial position. The appendix contains the monthly and annual estimates.

With continued growth as allowed by this strong plan, MBFS will be in position to continue development for the Miami Beach International Film Festival, which will grow after the first year into a major international film festival, while the Cinematheque continues to thrive as a successful addition to Miami Beach culture.

1.1 Objectives

During the first year of the Cinematheque, our business goals are:

  1. To open the Espanola Way space with a basic build out, supported by in-kind and financial donations from appropriate partners, individuals, businesses.
  2. Earn over $10,000 in monthly earned income from ticket sales to different programming, memberships and retail sales in many departments, outreach, meeting spaces fees and related services and other fundraising.
  3. To keep a strong gross profit margin of at least 60% from sales of products and services.
  4. To receive at most $10,000 in the first fiscal year from new funding sources.
  5. To develop and maintain a strong membership base at different levels of donorship.
  6. To develop an outreach plan that includes new markets as well as opens doors to the ultimate programming goal, the Miami Beach International Film Festival. The Festival will debut just a few months into the second.

1.2 Mission

Miami Beach Film Society’s mission it to offer an alternative to commercial films, to promote and celebrate the artistic aspects of the medium, as well as to foster and encourage the art and craft of filmmaking. The Cinematheque will be the home of MBFS, and will provide an historical and unique environment for the the Society to pursue its mission.

The mission will take into account the cultural diversity of Miami Beach as well as the rest of the world. The Cinematheque is a place that promotes inclusion of international elements. The culmination of this display will be The Miami Beach International Film Festival. The Cinematheque will become the base for film and arts appreciation for a wide spectrum of local cultural communities and visitors alike. It will be a place for people to use, appreciate, learn, and explore. It will also be a workplace of inclusion and respect, with a main focus on the development of creativity and ideas.

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