Bed and Breakfast – Caribbean – Business Plan

Bed and Breakfast - Caribbean - Business Plan

The Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast will be a charming bed and breakfast (B & B) located overlooking Vette Kat Harbour on our beautiful Caribbean island. The beauty and history of the island are well-known. The B & B will be set up as a LLC of Kayman St. Lucia and will reside in the St. Lucia’s home. Their home will be the center of the B & B experience. You will have seven guest rooms to choose. There is a central living area where guests can socialize. The property also has a private patio and the Buccaneer Cooking Centre.

It might seem unassuming at first, but you will soon notice that the white building has been decorated with flags from various countries. You will soon see that it could only be Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast once you enter the front door. You may be greeted by a graceful gato dordo as one of the staff leads you to a comfortable alcove where you can enjoy Passion Fruit tea and delicate biscuits.

From a portrait of Fromage LeGrande, a French Gastronome, he smiles from a high 18th Century portrait. Through French doors, an enchanting courtyard invites you to enter. Nearby tables sparkle with silver and crystal, hinting at more pleasures ahead. Richly layered wall coverings, wall coverings, and amethyst-studded ceilings create a stunning backdrop for the owner’s extraordinary collection of art and antiques.

The personal service provided by the inn to its guests will continue to be rated as one of the World’s Top by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine and others. It will be easy to believe that anything is possible here. Breakfast can be delivered to your room or taken to the Terrace Room. If you want to go to the beach or countryside for lunch, staff will prepare a delicious picnic and recommend a route that takes you to some of most beautiful scenery on the island. Returning to the inn for afternoon tea in the living room will be a treat. This magical place will be remembered for its attention to detail.

The Market

Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast competes with hotels because there aren’t any other B & Bs available in the region. Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Bath facilities are much more attractive than other hotels in the vicinity. The majority of hotels in the area are chain hotels. There is nothing exceptional. Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast – On the other hand is a beautiful, sophisticated home – on a quiet road, in a little town, on a sea.

Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast aims to attract a number of different people. The first is those who want to just get away for a weekend. The second group is people who are just looking to get away for the weekend. They might have plans for activities at local parks or want to simply relax in a relaxing setting. Second, those who travel by boat prefer to stay in B & Bs &#8211 as an alternative to a hotel/motel. Others simply want to experience the Executive Chef’s service. We will undoubtedly have customers who fall outside these categories, but this classification should still be accurate.

Competitive Edge

Two distinct competitive advantages distinguish the Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast from its competitors. The first is the never-ending attention to detail and customer service. St. Lucia&#8217’s are aware that their mission in life is to ensure their customers have the most enjoyable stay. Kayman and Jenne will go to great lengths to make sure that their customers are happy. This will be demonstrated in breakfast where Starbucks Authorized & Certified Training System of Coffee will be available.

Barrista service will include Cafe Au Lait as well as four choices of coffee each day. The Tazo collection will be featured with eight teas per day. Our baked goods, breakfast, and brunch will be fantastic and celebrate our guests. Island Style Skillet

A simple delight is Conch grilled to perfection, served with Red-eye Gravy over hand-rolled biscuits or Challah Bread Dipped French toast with Guava and Mango on the top, and finally dusted with powdered sugar. Pancetta, Sundried Tomato, and California Asparagus Fritattas make up a great selection. Egg Beaters, 100% juice, Wheat breads, Spelt, and Hearty Grain Muffins offer healthy options. No matter if a guest wants to indulge or maintain a healthy lifestyle, our medical cuisine knowledge is unrivalled in the region. Our famous Caribbean White Chocolate Chips, Macadamia Pineapple, Pineapple, and Walnut cookies will also be available.

Unique facilities are their second competitive advantage. The structure itself is amazing and is worth the effort. Amazing are the tiffany lamps, original gas, solid silver fixture lamps, and antiques. Also, fascinating are the stories about Executive Chef Kayman’s food, dishes, and cooking around the world.

Management teamVette Kat Harbour B & B can continue to build on its solid business model thanks to its management. Kayman has earned his MBA providing the establishment with invaluable business skills. Kayman also has unique experiences and talents that no other innkeeper has. Kayman’s extensive resumes as a Chef, Marketing VP, and B & B GM demonstrate that he has extensive and successful experience in each of these areas. Kayman has held the position of GM in a number of high-profile resorts, hotels, B & B&#8217’s that saw increased profits and increased growth. Kayman will be assisted by numerous Presidents, famed Executive Chefs from television and industry magnates/titans/CEO’s. Kayman’s fame around the world on TV, the TODAY show and more will also bring TV exposure, shows and once again – Kayman will go live weekly on the radio and in magazines. Kayman’s step-son Max Nevis and his wife Jenne Sequa will assist him. They are both chefs with Country Club experience and have worked in restaurants. Kayman will continue his work with the company he is a part of for 13 years.

Vette Kat Harbor B & B will have the opportunity to make this a unique B & B for our inter-island communities. Kayman St. Lucia will bring passion and expertise to this transformation. By the end of year 1, the B & B will be profitable.

1.1 Objectives

Vette Kath Harbour Bed & Breakfast aims to be in operation for five years.

  • To create a B & B whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations along the lines learned of, “unprecedented hospitality and service standards,” learned by the our world renown Chef.
  • The Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast will increase visitors every week throughout the year.
  • To increase our number of clients by 10% per year through superior service to 50% occupancy in Year 5.
  • To be sustainable, your business must be able and able to generate its own cash flow. Customer Comment cards should average 92 points or more.
  • To develop a sustainable Buccaneer Culinary Centre which survives off of its own cash flow, changes exhibits and contributes to the Bed and Breakfast operation by increased demographic draw. Average score should be 85 on Customer Comment Cards.
  • To make the operation as sustainable as possible. This includes water, electricity and emissions. This will make the region a beacon for others.
  • To be a positive and caring member of the community, which will help us preserve our island community. This will be measured through the awards received.

1.2 Mission

The Mission of Vette Kat Harbour B & B Is:

“We are committed to being the preferred Bed and Breakfast Inn for the Vette Kat Harbour area and surrounding islands as well. We will surpass the expectations of our guests by offering an exceptional experience through our continuous commitment to the advancement of our colleagues and products to achieve maximum growth.

Some people will find the inn a homely place.

It’s a romantic world of fantasy far from the harsh realities and reality of modern-day life. Others will find it a culinary oasis similar to a Michelin-starred restaurant. Some will be surprised – and relieved – that the inn doesn’t take itself too seriously. Guests will often comment on how the interiors can be described as grand, but they are whimsical and wonderfully comfy.

1.3 Keys To Success

In order to succeed, the Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • The Vette Kat Harbour Inn is the most popular B & B in the area among both tourists and travellers.
  • A strong market position is built among local patrons in a 120-mile radius.
  • Maintain sound financial management for the venture.
  • To book a room, link into the top referral engines.
  • Automate your room night booking and digital calendar on our website.
  • We offer unique experiences and services to our guests.

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