Bicycle Courier Business Plan

Bicycle Courier Business Plan

Two Wheeled Oracle offers a bicycle-based courier services in Portland, Oregon that caters to law firms. The Oracle can transport documents, small parcels, and documents to clients and other law firms. They also file documents with the clerks. Law firms will be the primary group of customers and the only one targeted, non law firm customers will be served as well, but will not be targeted.

The Oracle will offer reliability and industry insight to law firms, enabling it to provide superior service relative to the current service providers. This will allow it to rapidly increase its market share. The company will reach profitability in month nine and the revenue for year two will be very comfortable.

1.1 Objectives

These are the objectives for the first three year of operation:

  • To build a service-oriented company with the primary goal of exceeding customer expectations.
  • The Oracle must be used by at least 30 different law offices.
  • Superior service can increase the number and satisfaction of clients by 20% each year.
  • To create a profit-generating start-up within the first year.

1.2 Mission

Two Wheeled Oracle’s mission it to provide law firms with a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly delivery service. Our mission is to keep customers happy and attract new ones. This maxim will guide everything else. Our services will surpass the expectations of customers.

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