Bowling Entertainment Center Business Plan

Bowling Entertainment Center Business Plan

This plan provides investor information as well as basic business plan information that is necessary to start and maintain Kiln Creek Bowling Center. The plan details the business plans, operation methods, and infrastructure management.

Kiln Creek Bowling Corporation (Kiln Creek Bowling Center) was formed in Yorktown, Virginia, as a corporation under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The dynamic management team responsible for the design, building, development of company policy, and hands-on-management of the daily operations are Charles H. Collins Jr., Jane W. Collins, and Charles “Chip” Collins III. A 50-strong, customer-focused team will also be supporting the management team. Kiln Creek Bowling Corporation has retained the services of a CPA company to conduct professional company audits and prepare taxes and payroll. They will also serve as business consultants to help in setting achievable long-term strategic goals.

Kiln Creek Bowling Corporation is established to offer York County, Hampton, Newport News, as well as the surrounding communities, quality entertainment, products, services, and products.

Kiln Creek bowling center is expected to have excellent sales for its first year due to the current prices of the restaurant and the bowling market. It is possible to expect healthy revenue growth each year with good management.

Each investor will receive equity based on their investment. Topic 7.7, Ratios, provides an in-depth overview of Ratios.

These are some ways to minimize the risk factors that could hinder Kiln Creek Lane’s future success:

    1. Obtain sufficient capital to build and cover expenses of initial operation. All investor capital is held in escrow, until the project has been fully funded.
    1. Maintain low overhead cost which increases the bottom line profit. The staff will be multi-skilled, with a continuous training program to ensure they provide consistent, superior service where customer satisfaction is paramount.
    1. Develop a client base. Demographics will determine the best location. A full-time employee can run an aggressive marketing campaign to get desired results.
    1. Establish community involvement to demonstrate how the business will contribute to a better quality of life. To help civic groups achieve their financial goals, community projects will be created using the bowling centre’s facilities. The bowling center will be open to schools, churches, and other groups.
  1. All payments will be cash, check, or credit card, which eliminates the need for invoicing and collections.

1.1 Objectives

Kiln Creek Bowling Corporation is building a 43,000 square-foot facility in Kiln Creek, Newport News, Virginia. Services/products include 40 bowling lanes, full service family restaurant, snackbar, billiard parlor, dart parlors, video games room, apparel shop as well pro-shop and children’s nursery. The future will see the addition of a miniature golf course. The project will cost $4.5 million. Commercial financing will be borrowed at 9.5% over a 20-year term. Kiln Creek Bowling Center is expected to open late in September. It expects its first year gross revenue to show a return. Expect revenues to rise at a rate that is above inflation.

1.2 Mission

Kiln Creek Bowling Center exists to provide entertainment for families in the north end of Hampton Roads. It is a friendly, family-friendly environment. It will provide exceptional service and use the most technologically advanced equipment. The facility is clean and can accommodate the whole family. The restaurant will be called “The Train Station” with a decor that reflects the golden age of railroading. Multi-TVs will be part of the restaurant’s casual atmosphere. Each customer has the opportunity to select which TV station he or she wants to hear. This design will include reproductions of railroad furniture as well as artifacts. You will enjoy a casual dining experience, great food, and great service.

The restaurant will also offer a full-service bars, which include live entertainment or Karaoke on some nights.

Success Keys 1.3

The three keys to success at Kiln Creek bowling center are:

    1. Location. The center will be strategically located to maximize the profits from the modern day bowler. The center will be located on Commonwealth Drive, York County, near the Regal 14 Cineplex. This location is located just half a mile from I-64 exit 255, in Kiln Creek Shopping Complex. This is an excellent location for a multi-purpose bowling center. According to York County Planning Division’s statistical analysis of the primary market (one to five-mile radius), the location is excellent. The National Bowling Council study outlines the demographics needed for a successful bowling centre.
    1. Low overhead cost. Kiln Creek Lane will manage overhead costs to a minimum. Charles Collins Jr. will serve as project manager during construction, which saves approximately 15% in construction costs. His previous experience with operating bowling centers as well as his education as an industrial engineers contributes to his ability for reducing costs and streamlining operations. His staff includes the most skilled workers in the industry. This will enable many employees to do more than one job. The center will have the most energy-efficient equipment of any center in the area.
  1. Wide Range of Services. Kiln Creek Bowling Center will offer entertainment not only through bowling but also with a full-service restaurant/nightclub and billiards/darts, arcades, snack bar and apparel/pro shop. This diversity will bring in more customers and provide them more ways to enjoy themselves and spend their discretionary income.

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