Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Like New Carpet Cleaning, a Danbury, CT business, will sell carpet and upholstery-cleaning services to Fairfield County, CT homeowners and condo owners.

Homeowners with high-quality floors will be the initial customers. They are located within a 5-mile radius from Danbury, CT and soon throughout Fairfield County. The business will see 25% growth in sales each year as it expands into new markets. Profitability will be the goal only after the business grows to a significant scale and becomes a major player in the local market. Once the business is profitable, it will have lower operating costs and an infrastructure that can support future expansion.


Like New Carpet Cleaners wants to establish a significant foothold within the Fairfield County carpet-cleaning sector and position itself as a potential expansion partner through franchises or company-run locations. The following goals represent these objectives:

  • To receive a 95% rating or four-star rating from customers review services like Better Business Bureau within one year.
  • In Fairfield County, 10% of all homes will have carpets within three years.
  • In Fairfield County, 25% of all homes will have carpets within five years.


Carpet cleaners similar to new will automate the carpet cleaning process for homeowners, allowing them to keep their carpets looking great and save on costly carpet replacements.

Keys to Success

  1. Use online technology to make the process of ordering, scheduling, and paying for carpet cleaning simpler for customers.
  2. With a highly-trained cleaning staff and quality assurance, we provide a pleasant customer experience.
  3. Make sure you use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Keep abreast of new developments in safe, earth-friendly products.

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