Child Care Business Plan

Child Care Business Plan



Education must begin earlier than ever before our children can learn. The school system in general is failing. People who have the ability to hire tutors or private teachers to help their children should.


The Toddler Warehouse, a full-service childcare/development center for toddlers from three to five years of age, is available. The Toddler Warehouse will be concentrating on the upper end of the market: double-income professional parents. These personally ambitious parents are typically eager in terms of their children’s development and will be willing to pay to have their children attend the best facilities.


The Toddler Warehouse will be offering child care/development for toddlers age three to five. The Toddler Warehouse is designed for professional couples with double income who are unable to take care of their child due to work commitments. The Toddler Warehouse targets families that want more than simple babysitting. They are looking to enroll their children in a program that develops many skills, including socialization skills and arts and crafts, large muscle groups workouts, reading, maths, and numbers. Parents who are professionals, who are ambitious by nature themselves, are typically eager for their children to move ahead and are willing to pay for the best development care services for their children.


The Toddler Warehouse will compete in the child care market. This industry is fairly broad and populated, there are companies at all levels, from the basic baby sitter services, to competitors of The Toddler Warehouse. There are both services that provide standard business hours and those that offer evening or night hours. There are scheduled services and no reservation drop off services. A lot of parental choices are based on quality, price and gut feeling. The Toddler Warehouse believes focusing on one market is the best way to achieve success.

Why Us

The Toddler Warehouse’s mission is to provide top level child care. We are here to retain and attract customers. This maxim will guide everything else. We will exceed your expectations with our services.



We will be profitable in the first year. By year 3 we will be able to hire more general help which focuses on care since we are all set for teachers

Financial Highlights for the Year

Financing is Required

Matt will invest $85,000

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