Coffee Kiosk Business Plan

Coffee Kiosk Business Plan



There are many varieties of specialty coffees that you can choose from, along with caffeinated beverages. Some prefer dark and bold coffee while others prefer sweeter, less-caffeinated coffee. Some people prefer green tea. People have traveled the world and tasted many cuisines. It’s easy for them to identify what they love and dislike.


The Daily Perc offers the highest quality cold and hot beverages. We specialize in specialty coffees, blended and other customized drinks. TDP will also sell soft drinks, fresh-baked pastries and other confections. TDP will offer seasonal beverages such as hot apple cider or hot chocolate, as well frozen coffees.


The United States is a very mobile society. We became a nation that thrived from the freedom to travel wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It has only gotten worse. America has more than 250 million people, including children and women. Half of them are too poor, too old, or too young to drive an auto. There are however more licensed vehicles than there are people. Because of this, mobility is a vital part of our society.

Our market is comprised of people with busy lives, who want quality and have disposable income. Although they would love to have the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in a high-end coffee shop while reading the morning paper and sipping a specialty coffee beverage, they simply don’t have enough time. However, they have the desire to enjoy the distinctively blended beverage even though they’re busy.


The Daily Perc&#8217’s drive-thru business has four main competitors. They include national specialty beverage chains such as Panera and Starbucks, local cafes and coffee houses, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. These outlets offer a very distinct experience for their customers.

Patrons to a Starbucks, or to one of the local cafes, are looking for the “experience” of the coffee house. They want to be able to make their own coffee, taste the freshly baked pastry, listen to soothing Italian music, read the paper, or meet up with a friend. It is a tranquil, slow-paced environment.

Fast food restaurant and convenience store customers are the exact opposite. They have no time for idle chatter and are willing to overpay for whatever beverage the machine can spit out, as long as it’s quick. They pay for the gas, and then they’re back on the road. They are able to tell the difference between good and bad even though they have the taste and desire to do so. However, time is more important to them.

Mobile Cafes on campuses could also be competed by fast food outlets, vending machines, cafeterias and school cafeterias. This environment is for those who are in need of a quick, easy, reasonably priced, quality refreshment to allow them to return to work, classes, or other activities.

Mobile Cafes can compete against other vendors selling refreshments at events like festivals and fairs. For a high-quality product, attendees to such events can expect to pay a premium.

Why Us?

The Daily Perc serves the highest quality hot and cold beverages. They specialize in specialty coffees, blended drinks, and other custom-made beverages. TDP will also offer soft drinks, fresh baked pastries, as well as other confections. TDP will add seasonal beverages such as hot apple cider or hot chocolate to their range of products.



The Daily Perc’#8217s financial picture is very encouraging. TDP’s cash business means that the initial costs are significantly lower than most start-ups. TDP recognizes that this process is labor-intensive. TDP’s competitive advantage will be its financial investment in its employees. The equipment and facilities are funded for the purposes of the pro-forma plan. These items are capital expenditures that will be financing. There will be a minimum of inventory on hand so as to keep the product fresh and to take advantage of price drops, when and if they should occur.

The Daily Perc anticipates the initial combination of investments and long-term financing

The ability to finance it without the need of additional equity or borrowing investment. This will mean growing a bit more slowly than might be otherwise possible, but it will be a solid, financially sound growth based on customer request and product demand.

Financial Highlights by Year

Finance is required

Planned Investment

Partner 1 $20,000

Partner 2 $20,000

Partner 3 $20,000

Partner 4 $20,000

Partner 5 $20,000

Partner 6 $20,000

Partner 7 $20,000.

Partner 8 $20.250

Partner 9 $20,250

Partner 10 $21,250

Total cost: $221,950

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