Coffeehouse Business Plan

Coffeehouse Business Plan



Millions of Americans stop every day to get an espresso-based cup of coffee. A few years ago, many people would have never thought to spend more than 50c on a cup for coffee. Now they will happily pay $3 to $5 for their cappuccinos, mocha latte and vanilla ice blended drinks.

The specialty-coffee industry is expanding at a steady pace. During the past 20 years, there has not been a single year, despite war and recession, in which specialty coffee sales have not grown. In many years the increase has been in double digits. Even though the list of casualties from other industries is long, it seems that no coffeehouse chains failed during this time.


A niche exists that has yet to be filled for a high-volume, upscale, quality-driven coffeehouse with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Dark Roast Java addresses this need and fills that niche. We offer high-quality products in an upscale environment. Pleasantville’s highly visible location allows us to retain a large customer base.


Despite recent economic downturns, the specialty coffee market has been a shining spot. Many businesses, in many different categories, are experiencing low sales, negative balances and even bankruptcy. However, coffee chains are continuing to grow.

It’s clear that America’s love of good coffee is not fading away, no matter what the circumstances.

Pleasantville: The Perfect Launch Market

Our success is enhanced by the launch of Dark Roast Java in Pleasantville.

  • The highly affluent local population
  • All year round tourist activities
  • The ever-changing student population of upscale colleges and universities
  • Our location has excellent pedestrian and auto traffic
  • Low media costs
  • Numerous local special events
  • Prime site location

Dark Roast Java can be found in Pleasantville in what is undoubtedly one of the most desirable locations for a coffeehouse. The location is in the middle of Pleasantville’s business and tourist district, near fine dining, shopping and the historic Egyptian Theatre.

Dark Roast Java Coffee offers all the ingredients for immediate success.


Howard Schultz acquired the Starbucks name in 1982. He started the expansion and development of the specialty coffee business. Starbucks was selling whole bean coffee prior to Schultz’s transformation.

America’s coffeehouses date back to 1600&#8217. And the coffeehouse idea is over 400 years old. Even in the 1970s, the United States has seen coffeehouses emerge as independent businesses. They are often eclectic Bohemian-style.

Why Us

We aim to be the best coffeehouse in Pleasantville for tourists, local business workers, students and tourists. Our vision is to develop coffeehouses that can quickly become profitable and provide attractive returns (20% or higher annually) for investors.

We also want to make our contribution to the welfare of the local community by supporting charitable and civic activities. We will support the farmers who grow our coffee by using Fair Trade, Sustainable Production and Organic products whenever possible.

Dark Roast Java awards its business as often as possible to local suppliers, keeping it in the community or the state at minimum.



Pleasantville will quickly accept Dark Roast Java. Revenues of $750,000+ are expected in the first fiscal, and then more than $1,000,000 in the second. We expect to be able start paying dividends to investors by year 4.

Financial Highlights by Year

You will need financing

We are looking for investors who will invest $250,000 to help us get up and running.

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