Commercial Catalog Sales Business Plan

Commercial Catalog Sales Business Plan

This plan provides investor information as well as basic information about the strategic business plan required for the establishment and operation of JTB&#8217’s Industrial Sales Division. The Industrial Sales Division is described in detail in the following sub-plan. JTB Industrial Sales, Inc., one of three sub-corporations, is a holding company. It will be created in February of 2012 in Richfield Louisiana, as a corporation pursuant to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Louisiana.

JTB&#8217’s Industrial Sales Division distributes top-quality Industrial products and services to both local and national customers in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Primary Metals and Machining Industries. Mining and Contractor Industries. Military and Governmental procurement. JTB Industrial is partnering with many U.S. companies to provide additional support and products for our clients’ ongoing manufacturing and purchasing needs. To maximize profitability, JTB Industrial Sales will be be located with the other JTB divisions, providing access to our industrial Products and Services Division’s equipment and staff to help service our clients’ needs.

Mitchell and Rachel Jeremy are the members of the management team that oversee the development of the Industrial Sales Divisions and the day-to-day operations. The management team will be supported by a team-oriented, customer-focused staff consisting of three people. JTB, Industrial Sales, Inc. plans to retain the services CPA firms to audit and prepare taxes and payroll, as well to act as a consultant for long-term goals.

JTB Industrial Sales is expected to earn $325,000 in the first 18 months of its operations based upon current prices within the industrial distribution market. Good management will result in a 24% increase in revenue. The projected ratios at Fiscal Year 2 are solid.

Based on each investor’s investment, the equity calculation will be different. An in-depth look at Ratios can be found in the Financial Plan section, below.

There are several ways to reduce risk factors that will ensure JTB’8217’s Industrial Sales Division success:

    1. The ability to raise sufficient capital to finance the project through completion.
    1. Lower overhead will result in higher profits. Management will employ multi-skilled staff. They will also provide continuous training to ensure that they provide superior customer service. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in developing the business.
    1. Build a solid customer base. A great location can be determined using demographics. A full-time staff member will implement a marketing plan to achieve desired results.
  1. In order to show how the business can contribute to a better standard of living, we need to establish community involvement. In order to assist civic groups with their financial goals, community projects will be created using company facilities. It will be open to schools, churches, or other groups to reach out to the company for fundraisers and other activities.

1.1 Mission

JTB Industrial Sales will only distribute and support the best quality products and services. With this primary mission in mind, we will work closely and collaboratively with our clients to establish solid relationships in the Louisiana market, as well as nationally. The market today requires new marketing strategies and client satisfaction.

Today’s client wants the best value for money and the best products and services possible from its vendors. JTB&#8217’s mission is all about the Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial market.

1.2 Objectives

The following are the main objectives for our target market:

  1. Integrate distributed products or services into the industrial distribution marketplace.
  2. Resell products and services offered by our manufacturing partners as an industrial distributor.
  3. Gain market share by using technology software and web sites

We have been around for many years.

seen a niche in helping businesses with their production processes, external job costing, and expediting the purchasing of industrial supplies. These services are to be delivered in a one on one manner. After reviewing the client’s criteria, we make recommendations and provide a quotation.

JTB’s Industrial Sales Division will be a base partner in the JTB network as well, and will also use this network to promote our products and services throughout our industrial partners. Our custom marketing system and order processors will increase our compatibility when it comes to order processing or information processing.

This technology will simplify many common tasks. It will allow us both to request vendors and to accept customers’ requests simultaneously. As with many larger corporations requiring EDI for purchases, JTB will easily extend larger clients inventory, order tracking, and engineering information. JTB Industrial Sales, a Louisiana-based company, will be able promote its products and provide service to all customers.

1.3 Keys to Success

    1. Experienced manager with more than 25 years in the industrial distribution and tooling industries.
    1. Long-term goals that are well-defined and focused for long term success. Plan designed to allow flexibility and growth.
    1. Experienced in Engineering and strong project management, providing support to industrial customers with product or service advice.
    1. Strong marketing goals with niche products and services, targeted services and products delivered with unique marketing approaches.
    1. Startups experience very low internal development expenses.
  1. Previous base of quality external support vendors available to build on, with over twenty years of industry contacts to work with, in both the purchasing of quality products, and also in the marketing of our own products.

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