Computer Engineering Business Plan

Computer Engineering Business Plan

Todd, West, and Associates is a specialist in modification to inventory management systems. The company’s connectivity and network engineering expertise assures a complete wireless solution to warehouse management issues. Todd, West, and Associates are a team of over fifteen years in the ADC marketplace.

Prior to starting this new company, the staff of Todd, West, and Associates worked within the industry’s major companies performing special wireless modification for customers. Two of the industry’s leaders, CDS and Symbol, have already outsourced special modification orders to Todd, West, and Associates because of their unique perspective.

1.1 Objectives

Todd, West, and Associates have the following objectives:

  • Establish the company as a leader in warehouse wireless connectivity.
  • Every year, increase your client base by 20 percent
  • Design packaged solutions to warehouse management systems.

1.2 Mission

Todd, West, and Associates aims to directly work with customers in order to improve their warehouse management system. The development, modification, and/or improvement of warehouse data infrastructure will assure that the business will function efficiently and successfully.

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