Concierge Service Business Plan

Concierge Service Business Plan


Godsend Concierge Service is a concierge that focuses on the untapped corporate market of Eugene, Oregon. The company is capable of handling almost all errands requested by clients, allowing them to focus on developing value for their employers. Employers will enjoy our service as an additional compensation tool to attract qualified workers.

For the first three years, the most important goals are: GCS utilization in at least 4 of the top 10 local businesses; and increasing our client base by 20% annually through superior performance and word of mouth referrals.

The Company

It will be a home-based company with Taylor Gogetter the sole proprietor. Mr. Gogetter will work full-time at GCS. The company is looking to hire 3 full-time workers by the end 1. GCS will offer higher wages because this industry requires high-quality individuals. GCS will offer ongoing employee training.


Godsend Concierge Service will offer a wide range services to customers. The tasks for the employees will range considerably; however, the underlying need will be for services/errands made during normal business hours, hours the employees are at work and the company would rather have the employee at work being productive instead of running an errand.


As corporations recognize that their employees now have less time to spare, they have begun to partner with concierge firms to provide their employees with additional compensation. We will be targeting large corporations in Eugene such as Hyundai, Sony Disc Manufacturing and Levi Strauss. Medium-sized firms include Burley Design Cooperative. Palo Alto Software. BikeFriday. Larger law firms and medical offices are also available.

While many corporations offer concierge services for employees, it is more common to have an employee do the work. The concierge service is viewed as a perk by the employee but is not as efficient for the company. GCS can provide concierge services to companies at a lower rate.

We can also help individuals who realize the value in having someone else take on tasks that they don’t have the time or decide it isn’t worth their time. We will market to this segment through word of mouth.

Two concierge-style companies are available in Eugene right now, and they both serve individuals. GCS is targeting companies as this market has been overlooked. It provides greater volume and more consistent services.

Financial Considerations

Godsend Concierge Service’s start-up expenses will include all equipment, legal fees, website creation and start-up advertising. GCS’s projected growth rate is more than 100% per year with strong operating margins. GCS anticipates having sales of $156,000 in the next three years. GCS plans to bill clients at an hourly rate.


The following objectives are set for the initial three years of operation

  • To build a service-based business whose main goal is to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • GCS use in at minimum four of the top 10 companies in your area, as listed by the local newspaper in its annual listing of local businesses.
  • To increase our number of clients served by 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • To build a profitable home business that can survive on its own cash flow.


The company’s mission it to provide legitimate services to the customer. We exist to attract and maintain customers. All else will fall in line if we live by this maxim. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. We create a work environment where employees feel proud of their contributions and are empowered to be their best.

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