Construction Manufacturer Business Plan

Construction Manufacturer Business Plan

Fiberglass World, Inc. (Fiberglass World), is a start up manufacturing company that has patented products that will transform the building industry. Fiberglass World is the exclusive manufacturer in the United States, and protected by a licensing agreement with the inventor of the Fiberglass Plate Products, Mr. John Thompson.

Fiberglass World is headed up by Mr. Thompson. Thompson has extensive research experience and direct industry knowledge. For over forty years, Mr. Thompson has been involved in the fiberglass industry and has witnessed many changes in the construction, aviation, and automotive manufacturing industries. The construction industry has always needed new product innovations. He was motivated to create an insulative glass roof tile that is both cost-competitive and can be made in any colour. He also designed the insulative fiberglass external panel from the same technology. Both products have the texture and molded look of stucco.

Fiberglass World manufactures insulative roof tiles made of fiberglass and exterior insulative structural wall panels made from fiberglass. These products are called Fiberglass Plate Products or Fiberglass Plate. Two United States Patents support both products.

1.1 Mission

Fiberglass World strives for the top provider of this groundbreaking product. This is possible through quality control, prompt deliveries, and competitive prices.

Success: 1.2 Keys

  • Fiberglass World developed insulative fiberglass roof tiles as well as insulative fiberglass structural exterior panel.
  • Fiberglass World, the sole manufacturer in the U.S., is protected through a licensing arrangement with the inventor.
  • To ensure quality, the company will monitor its production lines.

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