Convenience Store Cafe Business Plan

Convenience Store Cafe Business Plan

Luna’s convenience store is located in Jenniville, near Aspen Estates. Aspen Estates is an affordable housing project that targets young couples as well as individuals with high incomes. This is a fantastic opportunity for the retailer. Typical household incomes in this area are $85,000 to $100,000. In addition, it is the only food store with two miles of the housing estate.

It is a start up company that Heidi Renner and Thomas Renner own. Thomas and Heidi are a great business partnership. Heidi has over 15 years of retail experience and Thomas is certified public accountant. He will be in charge of the financial aspect of the company, while Heidi will be handling the day-to day operations.

Luna’s will carry a variety fresh, organic produce and packaged food. Luna&#8217’s will also lease a small portion of the store for a cafe. The cafe will have seating for approximately 20 people and will provide breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, cold drinks and pastries.

Luna has a competitive advantage because of its location, customer service focus and owners’ experience.

1.1 Mission

Luna&#8217’s ConvenienceStore has one mission: to provide convenience food, prepared foods, beer and cigarettes to the residents of Aspen Estates, as well as other items, to those living in nearby neighborhoods. The store will offer affordable items to its customers, and its owners will make a healthy income.

1.2 Objectives

1. To make Luna&#8217, the most preferred convenience store for the residents in Aspen Estates.

2. Breakeven at the end of the first calendar year.

3. To achieve a net income of 5% within the third year.

1.3 Keys to Success

Here are the keys to success

1. Aspen Estates residents are convinced Luna’s is &#8220their&#8221′ convenience.

2. Turn over inventory an average rate of 15 &#8211/20 times per year.

3. To ensure a wide supply of groceries, food, and other household essentials.

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