Day Care Business Plan

Day Care Business Plan



The child care industry has become necessary due to increasing dependence on two incomes. In an era of increasing demand, there is more children who need a safe and enriching place.


Safe Kids Child Care will be able to provide a secure and caring environment for its clients’ children, as well as personal attention. The center’s dual goals are to empower parents to feel confident about their child’s care and make it fun, safe, educational and enjoyable for them.


Safe Kids Child Care has a focus on meeting the local need for child care services within the 10-mile radius of Lynn. Children are accepted on a flexible basis, either full-time and part-time.


In the area, there are more than 300 child care providers. KinderCare, a commercial chain of child care centers, holds the majority. The good reputation of these chains among the consumers helps them compete well. Safe Kids Child Care is a child-to-staff ratio of less than one, which is appealing for most parents. Additionally, the company maintains child care fee levels that are 5-10% below the average of that of the large commercial chain child care fees.

Why Us

Safe Kids Child Care offers a lower staff to child ratio, which is appealing to most parents. The child care fees are also kept at 5-10% under the average commercial child care fees.



Safe Kids, a great opportunity for child care, is available in Lynn MA. Safe Kids will be profitable for the next three years. Safe Kids will rapidly gain market share thanks to its well-priced services and outstanding customer service. The company’s experienced management team will also help it become a top child care provider.

Financial Highlights Year-by-Year

Finance Required

Our goal is to have $40,000 in order to start our company. Each owner will contribute $20,000 toward our initial costs.

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