Deu 8 MHC A Charge To Israel; Israel’s Retrospect B. C. 1451.       1 All The Commandments Which I Command Thee This Day Shall Ye Observe To Do, That Ye May Live, And Multiply, And Go In And Possess The Land Which The L ORD Sware Unto Your Fathers.   2 And Thou Shalt Remember All The Way Which The L ORD Thy God Led Thee These Forty Years In The Wilderness, To Humble Thee, And To Prove Thee, To Know What Was In Thine Heart, Whether Thou Wouldest Keep His Commandments, Or No.   3 And He Humbled Thee, And Suffered Thee To Hunger, And Fed Thee With Manna, Which Thou Knewest Not, Neither Did Thy Fathers Know; That He Might Make Thee Know That Man Doth Not Live By Bread Only, But By Every Word That Proceedeth Out Of The Mouth Of The L ORD Doth Man Live.   4 Thy Raiment Waxed Not Old Upon Thee, Neither Did Thy Foot Swell, These Forty Years.   5 Thou Shalt Also Consider In Thine Heart, That, As A Man Chasteneth His Son, So The L ORD Thy God Chasteneth Thee.   6 Therefore Thou Shalt Keep The Commandments Of The L ORD Thy God, To Walk In His Ways, And To Fear Him.   7 For The L ORD Thy God Bringeth Thee Into A Good Land, A Land Of Brooks Of Water, Of Fountains And Depths That Spring Out Of Valleys And Hills;   8 A Land Of Wheat, And Barley, And Vines, And Fig Trees, And Pomegranates; A Land Of Oil Olive, And Honey;   9 A Land Wherein Thou Shalt Eat Bread Without Scarceness, Thou Shalt Not Lack Any Thing In It; A Land Whose Stones Are Iron, And Out Of Whose Hills Thou Mayest Dig Brass.       The Charge Here Given Them Is The Same As Before, To Keep And Do All God’s Commandments. Their Obedience Must Be, 1. Careful: Observe To Do. 2. Universal: To Do All The Commandments, . And, 3. From A Good Principle, With A Regard To God As The Lord, And Their God, And Particularly With A Holy Fear Of Him , From A Reverence Of His Majesty, A Submission To His Authority, And A Dread Of His Wrath. To Engage Them To This Obedience, Besides The Great Advantages Of It, Which He Sets Before Them That They Should Live And Multiply, And All Should Be Well With Them, , He Directs Them,       I. To Look Back Upon The Wilderness Through Which God Had Now Brought Them: Thou Shalt Remember All The Way Which The Lord Thy God Led Thee These Forty Years In The Wilderness, . Now That They Had Come Of Age, And Were Entering Upon Their Inheritance, They Must Be Reminded Of The Discipline They Had Been Under During Their Minority And The Method God Had Taken To Train Them Up For Himself. The Wilderness Was The School In Which They Had Been For Forty Years Boarded And Taught, Under Tutors And Governors; And This Was A Time To Bring It All To Remembrance. The Occurrences Of These Last Forty Years Were Very Memorable And Well Worthy To Be Remembered, Very Useful And Profitable To Be Remembered, As Yielding A Complication Of Arguments For Obedience; And They Were Recorded On Purpose That They Might Be Remembered. As The Feast Of The Passover Was A Memorial Of Their Deliverance Out Of Egypt, So Was The Feast Of Tabernacles Of Their Passage Through The Wilderness. Note, It Is Very Good For Us To Remember All The Ways Both Of God’s Providence And Grace, By Which He Has Led Us Hitherto Through This Wilderness, That We May Be Prevailed With Cheerfully To Serve Him And Trust In Him. Here Let Us Set Up Our Ebenezer.       1. They Must Remember The Straits They Were Sometimes Brought Into, 1. For The Mortifying Of Their Pride; It Was To Humble Them, That They Might Not Be Exalted Above Measure With The Abundance Of Miracles That Were Wrought In Their Favor, And That They Might Not Be Secure, And Confident Of Being In Canaan Immediately. 2. For The Manifesting Of Their Perverseness: To Prove Them, That They And Others Might Know For God Himself Perfectly Knew It Before All That Was In Their Heart, And Might See That God Chose Them Not For Any Thing In Them That Might Recommend Them To His Favour, For Their Whole Carriage Was Untoward And Provoking. Many Commandments God Gave Them Which There Would Have Been No Occasion For If They Had Not Been Led Through The Wilderness, As Those Relating To The Manna ; And God Thereby Tried Them, As Our First Parents Were Tried By The Trees Of The Garden, Whether They Would Keep God’s Commandments Or Not. Or God Thereby Proved Them Whether They Would Trust His Promises, The Word Which He Commanded To A Thousand Generations, And, In Dependence On His Promises, Obey His Precepts.       2. They Must Remember The Supplies Which Were Always Granted Them.       1. God Himself Took Particular Care Of Their Food, Raiment, And Health; And What Would They Have More? 1. They Had Manna For Food : God Suffered Them To Hunger, And The Fed Them With Manna, That The Extremity Of Their Want Might Make The Supply The More Acceptable, And God’s Goodness To Them Therein The More Remarkable. God Often Brings His People Low, That He May Have The Honour Of Helping Them. And Thus The Manna Of Heavenly Comforts Is Given To Those That Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness, . To The Hungry Soul Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet. It Is Said Of The Manna That It Was A Sort Of Food Which Neither They Nor Their Fathers Knew. And Again, . If They Knew There Was Such A Thing That Fell Sometimes With The Dew In Those Countries, As Some Think They Did, Yet It Was Never Known To Fall In Such Vast Quantities, So Constantly, And At All Seasons Of The Year, So Long, And Only About A Certain Place. These Things Were Altogether Miraculous, And Without Precedent; The Lord Created A New Thing For Their Supply. And Hereby He Taught Them The Man Liveth Not By Bread Alone. Though God Has Appointed Bread For The Strengthening Of Man’s Heart, And That Is Ordinarily Made The Staff Of Life, Yet God Can, When He Pleases, Command Support And Nourishment Without It, And Make Something Else, Very Unlikely, To Answer The Intention As Well. We Might Live Upon Air If It Were Sanctified For That Use By The Word Of God; For The Means God Ordinarily Uses He Is Not Tied To, But Can Perform His Kind Purposes To His People Without Them. Our Saviour Quotes This Scripture In Answer To That Temptation Of Satan, Command That These Stones Be Made Bread. “What Need Of That?” Says Christ; “my Heavenly Father Can Keep Me Alive Without Bread,” . Let None Of God’s Children Distrust Their Father, Nor Take Any Sinful Indirect Course For The Supply Of Their Own Necessities; Some Way Or Other, God Will Provide For Them In The Way Of Duty And Honest Diligence, And Verily They Shall Be Fed. It May Be Applied Spiritually; The Word Of God, As It Is The Revelation Of God’s Will And Grace Duly Received And Entertained By Faith, Is The Food Of The Soul, The Life Which Is Supported By That Is The Life Of The Man, And Not Only That Life Which Is Supported By Bread. The Manna Typified Christ, The Bread Of Life. He Is The Word Of God; By Him We Live. The Lord Evermore Give Us That Bread Which Endures To Eternal Life, And Let Us Not Be Put Off With The Meat That Perisheth! 2. The Same Clothes Served Them From Egypt To Canaan, At Least The Generality Of Them. Though They Had No Change Of Raiment, Yet It Was Always New, And Waxed Not Old Upon Them, . This Was A Standing Miracle, And The Greater If, As The Jews Say, They Grew With Them, So As To Be Always Fit For Them. But It Is Plain That They Brought Out Of Egypt Bundles Of Clothes On Their Shoulders , Which They Might Barter With Each Other As There Was Occasion; And These, With What They Wore, Sufficed Till They Came Into A Country Where They Could Furnish Themselves With New Clothes.       2. By The Method God Took Of Providing Food And Raiment For Them 1. He Humbled Them. It Was A Mortification To Them To Be Tied For Forty Years Together To The Same Meat, Without Any Varieties, And To The Same Clothes, In The Same Fashion. Thus He Taught Them That The Good Things He Designed For Them Were Figures Of Better Things, And That The Happiness Of Man Consists Not In Being Clothed In Purple Or Fine Linen, And In Faring Sumptuously Every Day, But In Being Taken Into Covenant And Communion With God, And In Learning His Righteous Judgements. God’s Law, Which Was Given To Israel In The Wilderness, Must Be To Them Instead Of Food And Raiment. 2. He Proved Them, Whether They Could Trust Him To Provide For Them When Means And Second Causes Failed. Thus He Taught Them To Live In A Dependence Upon Providence, And Not To Perplex Themselves With Care What They Should Eat And Drink, And Wherewithal They Should Be Clothed. Christ Would Have His Disciples Learn The Same Lesson , And Took A Like Method To Teach It To Them, When He Sent Them Out Without Purse Or Scrip, And Yet Took Care That They Lacked Nothing, . 3. God Took Care Of Their Health And Ease. Though They Travelled On Foot In A Dry Country, The Way Rough And Untrodden, Yet Their Feet Swelled Not. God Preserved Them From Taking Hurt By The Inconveniences Of Their Journey; And Mercies Of This Kind We Ought To Acknowledge. Note, Those That Follow God’s Conduct Are Not Only Safe But Easy. Our Feet Swell Not While We Keep In The Way Of Duty; It Is The Way Of Transgression That Is Hard, . God Had Promised To Keep The Feet Of His Saints, .       3. They Must Also Remember The Rebukes They Had Been Under, . During These Years Of Their Education They Had Been Kept Under A Strict Discipline, And Not Without Need. As A Man Chasteneth His Son, For His Good, And Because He Loves Him, So The Lord Thy God Chasteneth Thee. God Is A Loving Tender Father To All His Children, Yet When There Is Occasion They Shall Feel The Smart Of The Rod. Israel Did So: They Were Chastened That They Might Not Be Condemned, Chastened With The Rod Of Men. Not As A Man Wounds And Slays His Enemies Whose Destruction He Aims At, But As A Man Chastens His Son Whose Happiness And Welfare He Designs: So Did Their God Chasten Them; He Chastened And Taught Them, . This They Must Consider In Their Heart, That Is, They Must Own It From Their Own Experience That God Had Corrected Them With A Fatherly Love, For Which They Must Return To Him A Filial Reverence And Compliance. Because God Has Chastened Thee As A Father, Therefore Thou Shalt Keep His Commandments. This Use We Should Make Of All Our Afflictions; By Them Let Us Be Engaged And Quickened To Our Duty. Thus They Are Directed To Look Back Upon The Wilderness.       II. He Directs Them To Look Forward To Canaan, Into Which God Was Now Bringing Them. Look Which Way We Will, Both Our Reviews And Our Prospects Will Furnish Us With Arguments For Obedience. Observe,       1. The Land Which They Were Now Going To Take Possession Of Is Here Described To Be A Very Good Land, Having Every Thing In It That Was Desirable, . 1. It Was Well-watered, Like Eden, The Garden Of The Lord. It Was A Land Of Brooks Of Water, Of Fountains And Depths, Which Contributed To The Fruitfulness Of The Soil. Perhaps There Was A Greater Plenty Of Water There Now Than In Abraham’s Time, The Canaanites Having Found And Digged Wells; So That Israel Reaped The Fruit Of Their Industry As Well As Of God’s Bounty. 2. The Ground Produced Great Plenty Of All Good Things, Not Only For The Necessary Support, But For The Convenience And Comfort Of Human Life. In Their Fathers’ Land They Had Bread Enough; It Was Corn Land, A Land Of Wheat And Barley, Where, With The Common Care And Labour Of The Husbandman, They Might Eat Bread Without Scarceness. It Was A Fruitful Land, That Was Never Turned Into Barrenness But For The Iniquity Of Those That Dwelt Therein. They Had Not Only Water Enough To Quench Their Thirst, But Vines, The Fruit Whereof Was Ordained To Make Glad The Heart. And, If They Were Desirous Of Dainties, They Needed Not To Send To Far Countries For Them, When Their Own Was So Well Stocked With Fig-trees, And Pomegranates, Olives Of The Best Kind, And Honey, Or Date-trees, As Some Think It Should Be Read. 3. Even The Bowels Of Its Earth Were Very Rich, Though It Should Seem That Silver And Gold They Had None; Of These The Princes Of Sheba Should Bring Presents ; Yet They Had Plenty Of Those More Serviceable Metals, Iron And Brass. Iron-stone And Mines Of Brass Were Found In Their Hills. See .       2. These Things Are Mentioned, 1. To Show The Great Difference Between That Wilderness Through Which God Had Led Them And The Good Land Into Which He Was Bringing Them. Note, Those That Bear The Inconveniences Of An Afflicted State With Patience And Submission, Are Humbled By Them And Prove Well Under Them, Are Best Prepared For Better Circumstances. 2. To Show What Obligations They Lay Under To Keep God’s Commandments, Both In Gratitude For His Favours To Them And From A Regard To Their Own Interest, That The Favours Might Be Continued. The Only Way To Keep Possession Of This Good Land Would Be To Keep In The Way Of Their Duty. 3. To Show What A Figure It Was Of Good Things To Come. Whatever Others Saw, It Is Probable That Moses In It Saw A Type Of The Better Country: The Gospel Church Is The New-Testament Canaan, Watered With The Spirit In His Gifts And Graces, Planted With The Trees Of Righteousness, Bearing The Fruits Of Righteousness. Heaven Is The Good Land, In Which There Is Nothing Wanting, And Where There Is A Fulness Of Joy.

They still expect to be wined and dined like they’re still in their prime. Women your age on these sites just look old. How about in the world there are a lot of attractive 50 + yr old women. We do not all “look old” or act old. When you hit 50’s thats when people the same age can look very different. There’s 50 yr olds looking 40 yrs old and 50 yr olds who look 60 or 70 yrs old.

Typical Mistakes of Extroverted Partners

Introverts are naturally drawn to personal spaces to reflect, and they can sense when their partners require it as well. In these cases, they maintain an appropriate distance out of respect for their partner’s privacy. Being an extrovert with a hot temper I find it difficult to deal with introverted people. A few years ago I was dating a very shy man and our relationship collapsed because I couldn’t meet his basic needs and I couldn’t understand fundamental things about being an introvert. Most people, and I was no exception, credit numerous stereotypes about introverts. Yes, they are reserved, sometimes strange and hard to understand, but they are people as well.

What To Do When a Guy Avoids You Suddenly

At 58 I go to the gym three days a week , kayak, ski, bike,hike, eat healthy and take care of myself. I have no problem pleasing woman sexually and can’t wait to retire to spend time engaging in the things I love. Well, they seem to still kind of go hand in hand, not the marriage one but like, “please bless the food that it’ll nourish and strengthen our bodies”. Like I’m pretty sure my kids don’t even know what it is they’re saying right there. It’s just this thing we say every time because we would never say “nourish and strengthen our bodies” in real life. But we still say it in every prayer.

Anyway, I’m not giving up and will look for ways to make the process work better. I am in my mid 40s and have been in an unhappy marriage for many years. I must be one of those rare men because I find women in their 50s mentally stimulating therefore attractive. Once I can end my marriage I most likely will not date a woman younger than in her late 40s.

Don’t Press For Too Much Information

The eldest with her boyfriend of 11 years. To be fair, the middle child is currently trialing living together with the girl who might be “the one”. From time to time they join us for dinners or game nights or just to watch a movie. I view my job at this stage, being to help my three kids save for their first houses.

That just might be different than you thought. And so I had to learn that me birthing children wasn’t necessarily the answer. Me, fulfilling my divine role as a mother, and having that fulfillment of nurturing and being a mother was answered when I learned how to listen differently. And the Ask wasn’t for ‘I want to birth a child’.

Due to their small circles, introverted men will get to know you much more deeply. They will learn when something is wrong to the point you don’t even need to tell them. They will learn when you want to talk and be there when you do. They will help talk through any issues carefully and in full detail.

There definitely are many good points when getting to know people around your own age. For me I wouldn’t mind a few years younger or older, but not too much of an age difference. I have to say though that I once knew a man who was 70 that looked nothing like his age, was sweet, outgoing, and funny.

You were an answer to prayer the day that you texted me about being on this episode. So for me, the details are in the details in the details. It’s just following that map, and knowing when to turn, when not to turn and asking for directions, and seeking to find the right path. And knowing that along the way I need to be aware of why, of why I’m going that route.

I’d like to be able to talk about things that I am interested in once in a while. I love listening to women but it wears thin when a women tells me to shut up every time I try to talk about something that I’m interested in. I love my boyfriend, he he loves me, but our fate is yet to be determined.

I am male and dating In my 5os have no sexual dysfunction and am as my female friends say a good catch . But even though I am trying to date may own age group they all seem to be very intent on having a man who doesnt need sex . One of my women friends told me they need a connection. After 5 dates and 300 questions, all boxes ticked she still didnt have a connection…….. I think the key is that in our 50s we are very stuck in our ways so it’s hard to let someone in . My last relationship was with someone for 17 years who died after a terminal illness .

I don’t put anyone down, I am attractive, and I don’t have a weight problem. Peter-san, unfortunately, a woman who has put half her life behind her is statistically 39 years old in the United States. I wasnt a drinker,didnt party,wasnt wealthy always clean and tidy nothing like her new man so why enter into a rs with me ? How can one say after 4 years “your not who i thought you were” surely after year one you know who the person your with is. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said. I feel different from most women for many reasons, and the online dating scene just doesn’t appeal to me. They take your money and you get no satisfaction. I tried it and found it to be a waste. I contacted four guys through this venue and received no response from any of them. I even went out of my comfort zone a bit to give these guys a chance to just start a conversation.

If you want to see a movie on Friday, you can let them decide what to see. If another day your partner wants to stay home and order in, you get to pick the restaurant. Putting away your mobiles and laptops whenever you are together is another key tip for dating an introverted man or woman. Try to spend as much time talking and laughing with one another so you can to make each and every moment count.