Direct Mail and Shipping Business Plan

Direct Mail and Shipping Business Plan

The Shipping Centre is an all-service shipping, fax transmittal and private Mail Box company. It is a privately owned Oregon corporation led by Steve Freighter. The competition is fierce in the current business of package shipping centers. The competition acts like their services are a commodity, just simple shipping services.

The Shipping Centre will expand its market share using their two competitive advantage, customer service as well as convenience. Superior customer service is an important aspect of differentiation in this industry that is rapidly becoming commodity-like. Convenience is another advantage. The Shipping Centre is open beyond the standard business hours, offering a true convenience to full-time working customers, the type of customer that is typical for The Shipping Centre.

The innovative software used by the Shipping Centre allows them to charge slightly lower shipping rates and have higher margins than their competitors. It also creates significant efficiencies in the work flow. The Shipping Centre will be able to increase its market share due to this innovative work flow efficiency and competitive advantages.

The Shipping Centre should be in profitability by month twelve and, by year three, will have made a small profit.

1.1 Objectives

These are the objectives for the first three year of operation:

  • To create a service-oriented business whose primary goal it to exceed customers’8217 expectations.
  • Superior performance is required to increase the number and quality of transactions that are served each year by 20%.
  • To build a service-based business that can survive on its own cash flow.

1.2 Mission

The mission and vision of The Shipping Centre is for customers to get all types of shipping services they need. We exist to attract and maintain customers. If we follow this maxim, all else will follow. Our services will meet or exceed customer expectations.

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