Electronic Filing Storage Business Plan

Electronic Filing Storage Business Plan

Imagine your mail carrier not just delivering mail to you at your front door but also clearing away your desk with piles of paperwork and filing them in the appropriate folder within your filing cabinet. MyHaystack.com can deliver, organize, and file your documents electronically without ever needing to visit your home. MyHaystack.com is a digital filing cabinet that stores manuals and financial statements of product owners as well as insurance policies and financial statements. You can control what information is added to or removed from your files by using an electronic gatekeeper.

In addition, you may choose to accept promotional offers that are tailored to your needs based on the contents of your filing cabinet. Because all transmittals travel through MyHaystack.com your contact information does not get distributed for marketing purposes. As an additional benefit, MyHaystack.com offers rewards points for registering a new account and for agreeing to share information with product and service providers.

MyHaystack.com generates revenue through permission-based direct marketing and consumer market research. The company delivers targeted advertising messages to consumers without releasing contact information directly to advertisers. So, the consumer has complete control over how much and whereabouts of the advertising they see. MyHaystack.com also creates profiles that include aggregate consumer ownership and purchase data. Business clients pay a monthly subscription to access the data.

MyHaystack.com’s brand website manages common information that is stored in a home file cabinet. This service allows users to access information and documents more easily while minimising the need for user maintenance. MyHaystack.com offers electronic product, service, and financial information directly to users. The organizational structure includes an interactive, easy-to-use, interface with personalized search, archiving, and retrieval functionality. You can control the frequency and source of Individual Filings and Dynamic postings you receive.

1.1 Objectives

MyHaystack.com traffic, revenue objectives and goals are as below:

Total Users Base

Client Basis

Projected Revenue

Year 1


30 $18,808
Year 2 34,995 145 $1,256,400
Year 3 99,985 350 $7,737,661

1.2 Keys to Success

Key advantages of MyHaystack.com:

  • Consumers can have full control over what personal information is shared with suppliers of goods and services.
  • The interactive system keeps users’ profiles current and permits them to access the relevant information.
  • MyHaystack.com is permission-based and improves the relationship between the provider and the consumer.
  • Long term relationships with consumers provide time series data that is unique to MyHaystack.com market research.

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