Electronics Repair Business Plan

Electronics Repair Business Plan

Abbey Electronic Services, a full-service repair shop for electronic devices, is opening in Montclair’s Cherry Grove section. The Cherry Grove Shopping Center will be completed in time for the opening of the new business. Harry&#8217s Electronics (one of the center’s tenants) and Olson&#8217s ApplianceSuperstore (one of its two tenants) have signed third party repair agreements with Abbey Electronic Services. Abbey Electronic Services has an agreement to provide warranty service for selected manufacturers.

Abbey&#8217’s will be open to the public to repair consumer electronics, with or without warranty. Cherry Grove is a growing residential area that will provide Abbey Electronic Services with a solid customer base.

Richard Abbey, Abbey’s owner, has over 25 years experience in the field of consumer electronics repair. His reputation for excellence is well-known and he is highly respected as an electronics instructor in the Electronics Engineering Technology Program at the community college.

Abbey Electronic Services will be able to employ Richard and two other electronics technicians.

1.1 Mission

Abbey Electronic Services’ goal is to provide top-quality electrical repair services while focusing on speed and convenience. Abbey Electronic Services has a computerized inventory monitoring system that ensures critical parts are always on hand. This allows for a balance inventory and maximizes inventory turnover. Abbey Electronic Services maintains strong relationships with regional vendors, which allow them to ship large parts quickly (most often within an overnight deadline).

Abbey Electronic Services is committed to building strong professional relationships and providing quality service.

1.2 Keys for Success

Keys to success for Abbey Electronic Services’#8217 are:

  • Excellent, efficient, and convenient electric repair services.
  • A strong professional relationship with customers.
  • Rapid order and delivery of electrical part items.

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