Energy Conservation Business Plan

Energy Conservation Business Plan

Green Power Consultancy in Burlington, VT is a start up company that provides advice and design services to architects and customers regarding environmentally-sensitive buildings and energy consumption. Green Power has identified three key factors that have made it a success. Green Power believes that it is important to only offer solutions that can be sourced from the market. The second is to ensure all its solutions are based on economic justifications. It should be clear that the solution does not only make economic sense, but also addresses long-term economic benefits.

Green Power will focus on architects and individuals. Green Power will be working closely with architects to provide environmental solutions for their customers. This group is growing at 7 percent and has 23 potential customer. Individual consumers are the second group of customers. These individuals are environmentally conscious and have sought out a service provider that can help them incorporate their ethics into their new or existing structures.

Green Power offers many services such as advice regarding passive heating and grey water usage, renewable energy considerations, employee transportation options, and recommendations for grey water use.

Green Power is headed by Sue Lang and Dan Lang. Dan holds a Masters degree in architecture, environmental studies, and business. Dan has over a decade of experience working within the industry. Sue Lang makes up the second part of our team. Sue Lang holds an MBA and has worked with Bonneville Power Administration in the renewable energy department. Green Power&#8217’s management team will be able execute its business plan with the help of a combination good education and great work experience.

Green Power has conservatively forecasted sales of $202,343 for year two, rising to $238,402 for year three. The second year will bring in net profit. Green Power will be a profitable, long-lasting business because it has a proven business model and a strong management team.


Green Power Consultancy has the mission of providing green energy solutions to new constructions, as well as existing building owners/lessors. Green Power is a business that will continue to serve the Burlington area through careful analysis, responsive customer support, and cost-effective solutions.

Keys to Success

Green Power has identified a number of keys to success that will make it possible for businesses to thrive. The chances of success will rise significantly if you follow these keys.

  1. Offer solutions that customers demand.
  2. Make sure that all solutions include economic considerations in their respective models.
  3. You can only provide 100% customer satisfaction. All customers should be pleased beyond their expectations.


Green Power has identified three goals that it will pursue to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of its business:

  • Proven cost-benefit analysis of environmental approaches to structure construction, maintenance, energy consumption.
  • Become the premier environmental energy consultancy in the state within five years.
  • Within three years, achieve profitability

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