Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan

Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan



It is obvious that rural areas lack access to medical services. This is also true for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where Park Square will be situated.


Park Square Family Medicine’s mission is to improve the health and well-being in the community by providing high-quality, accessible medical care for all ages. Park Square Family Medicine is committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of our patients, resulting in a successful and profitable business.


According to the “Economic and Demographic Profile Report” of the area, there is increasing demand for high-quality health care both in the United States and in our locality. In particular, the local population within 35 miles is projected to grow at 3.5% per year. It currently has approximately 160,000 inhabitants.


Park Square Family Medicine is part of a larger medical industry, including “Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors.” Private medical practices are small, usually with only 4 doctors. They may offer general or specialty services. These practices are well-suited for rural and semi-rural locations, which don’t often have enough people to support a larger hospital or medical group.

The town is home to five family practitioners, which means that there are approximately 160,000 potential clients within 35 miles. These statistics make it a good place to market your marketing efforts.

Why Us?

Park Square Family Medicine aims to improve the health of the local population through providing quality, accessible medical care for people of all ages. Park Square Family Medicine strives to exceed the expectations of its patients and create a profitable business.



Our current forecast shows that we are not making realistic profits. Because we know that expenses will continue to rise, we keep it as is. They always do.

Financial Highlights for the Year

You will need financing

We will need a loan of $288,000. An estimated $225,000 will be spent accumulating long term assets. The remainder will be used for medical expenses and startup expenses.

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