Farm Machinery Manufacturer Business Plan

Farm Machinery Manufacturer Business Plan

Kouros Brothers Ltd. specializes in agricultural machinery and implements importation and authorized reseller. They sell A-Z models of heavy machinery and systems, including those for potatoes, vegetables, cereals, Stubble and other turnkey projects. In the past 6 years, we have also developed and piloted four new machinery and systems for vegetable and cereal productions. We are also the sole agent and distributor of 10 major agricultural producers in Europe. It has been able create communication links with the Middle East and Syria and export its equipment over the last three years.

Kouros Brothers Ltd. employs a highly skilled management team, with extensive industry research experience, as well as unique administrative skills. The team includes Mr. Kouros, Mr. Panikos and Mrs. Stella. They are based in Larnaca. Both Owners have compiled an extensive list of customers/potential customers, vendors, and contacts for equipment consignment.

New Opportunity

The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment announced last week that the EU has made available funding of 256 million euros to fund 65% to 80% of all producers or units who intend to improve product quality and export to European markets at competitive prices.

We enjoy a good local reputation but sales are slow, as local farmers cannot purchase new equipment every season. With Cyprus’s accession into the EU, this substantial amount of funding will allow farmers access to newer and more efficient equipment. But local farmers will only consider purchasing equipment they are confident in. The best way to convince them is to show them equipment.

Kouros Brothers Ltd. has good earnings and assets, but we do not have enough cash on hand to buy the wide range of demonstration equipment we need to meet the sales potential created by the upcoming Government funds to our customers. To promote its sales, the company plans to hire local people and provide extensive training on its products and services. Through word-of–mouth, loyal customers help to expand company&#8217s business.

We have already identified a list of potential customers and communities that are willing and able to try its new product series. Even more so, the pilot equipments will be used for the upcoming October International fair for Agriculture and Livestock that will take place, at Nicosia, Cyprus. And also, the company plans to participate in the Thesalloniki state Agricultural fair that will take place on the 28th January next. The company will be the sole agent and sales representative in Cyprus, Greece, and Syria for a series of Wheat plant systems. It must promote its products to every marketing opportunity.

The company is seeking funding of the amount of PS50,000 for the purpose of expanding the business. Plans for expansion include the purchase additional equipments to help the company showcase and promote its products and service, as well as the hiring of additional staff. The principal payment of the loan is PS5,833/year with 8.5% interest. This loan will be in addition to the existing 10,000 loan. It will be paid back at about PS1,666/year.

With the demonstration equipment we have and our well-funded customers, our expected revenues for Year 1 will be PS274,200 and then rise to PS400,000 by Year 5.

1.1 Objectives

Directors of Kouros Brothers Ltd. believe there is an untapped market for agricultural machinery. Existing providers of machinery and implements for agriculture are too diverse to meet the growing needs of the potato segment. They also neglect the needs for mechanization in the Cereal and Livestock sectors.

Customers are increasingly aware of the company&#8217’s presence and their coverage is increasing. European community provides a real opportunity to expand your business. The EU has 256 million euros available to support agriculture funding and support. It is up to the Cyprus Government to provide funds for local farmers and agricultural producers in order to increase their production effectiveness and efficiency.


2 Mission

Kouros Brothers Ltd.’s mission is to be THE only full-service equipment manufacturer, authorized importer, sale, and service company for agriculture machinery and implements in Cyprus. It also plans to expand its business into the Middle East to meet all requirements of Livestock farmers as well as Agriculture producers.

Accordingly, the company’s strategy is create a niche in a specific geographic area where there are no other potential competitors. Kouros Brothers Ltd. will offer high-quality machinery and equipment for crop mechanization in potato, vegetable and wheat crops at a cost that is comparable to premium-quality machinery manufacturers on the local market.

1.3 Keys to Success

Kouros Brothers Ltd.’s keys to success are:

  1. High quality products.
  2. A-Z equipment mechanization series to help with vegetables, cereals, potatoes and livestock.
  3. Maintaining and expanding its referral networks to increase sales.
  4. Significant investments in research and development of machinery with the aim to focus on precisely controlled equipment (Coriander seed, carrot machines etc. ).
  5. To improve efficiency of operations and reduce operating costs for crop producers
  6. Get in touch with our Consulting offices to provide scientific support and assistance for your customers.
  7. The Machinery and Systems of Kouros Brothers Ltd. aims to aid Cypriot farmers to export their products on the European market, and to comply with all European directives to ensure product quality.

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