Financial Holding Company Business Plan

Financial Holding Company Business Plan

Domino Comptech Holdings was established as a financial holding company. The company’s purpose is to facilitate acquisitions of companies and to provide capital to increase the volume of acquired companies.

This holding company creates a business model that allows for unlimited marketing opportunities. This platform allows the companies to combine natural relationships marketing synergies to offer clients a broad range of complete technology solutions at lower costs.

Purchase an Internet Service Provider.

Domino Comptech bought ZumoNet, an Internet Service Providers (ISP) company, 100% from LynxCaracal last January in exchange for 1,500,000 shares DCH common stock. The company plans on entering into a marketing program to increase ZumoNet&#8217’s client base and drive additional revenue. ZumoNet presently yields a revenue stream of approximately $20,000 annually and requires a record keeping and billing expense of approximately $3,600 annually. As the company expands its marketing reach, profits will rise proportionally. The expense factor is kept low by consolidating record keeping into the overall operations.

Acquire Technology Company, a White Box Computer Manufacturer and also offers support and networking services:

Domino Comptech has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the common stock of Kettle-Moraine Computers, Incorporated (KMCI) from its founder Lynx Caracal in exchange for 20,000,000 shares of common stock of DCH and a loan of $5,000,000 bearing interest at the applicable federal rate for the first year and adjusted to the prime rate plus 1% with a minimum of 9% thereafter. The prime rates will be published in USA Today. Domino Comptech will immediately be able to acquire and control all of KMCI, including the revenue stream that is generated by day-to-day operations. Mr. Caracal receives guaranteed payments of at most $16,000 per monthly. The remainder interest payments will be due at December 31, each year, until the stock loan has been paid in full. Proceeds from the first $16,000,000 of stock sales from this business plan will go towards the payment of the stock loan. Mr. Caracal agreed to extend the loan period to five years from the signature date of the agreement to allow DCH five years to achieve its goals of capitalization and repayment of the loan. All the stock of KMCI will be held as collateral on this loan in the event of default.

KMCI supplies technology hardware and support to its customers, primarily from the Gulfstates and Plainsstates. KMCI’s business model aims to be a Midwestern (and later national) full service technology provider. It has achieved remarkable marketing success in securing state government contracts. The company is now looking to the Federal Government for expanded marketing opportunities and its computer products and services. Recent implementation of a marketing strategy by the company’s S.E.A.T. management program. All technology packages and hardware required by clients will be available for purchase at one monthly price. Clients will be able to access the most recent equivalent while still saving money by purchasing software packages specifically tailored to their data system requirements.

Buy a Software business that has a premier management software program.

DCH has identified a company that develops and markets strategic software programs to assist businesses in better managing their finances and increasing profitability. Initial discussions with management of the company indicate the company can be purchased for approximately $87,000,000. The software company has an EBITD of about $1,000,000 per year, total assets of $8,000,000, and equity of $4,300,000.

Combining ZumoNet, KMCI and the software company ZumoNet will create a marketing synergy that allows them to cross-market hardware and software products to their existing client base and offer a complete solution for technology and management issues. It is anticipated the elimination of duplication between the companies will generate savings of approximately $500,000 annually.

Buy a Technology Services Company that specializes in data storage and telephony security:

KMCI provides a range services and solutions, including wiring and networking. There is an increasing need to expand technology into data storage, phone telephony and security. These additional services are needed by banks, government, and insurance companies, as they have to deal with large data volumes and security concerns. The need to design a custom secure system for each client to protect them from fraud, terrorism or natural disasters is essential.

Lynx Caracal of Domino Comptech Holdings, has identified service companies that offer these additional services and started discussions about acquiring one such company. This acquisition would enhance the existing total solutions that ZumoNet, KMCI, and software company Lynx Caracal provide. The result would be a marketing team that can provide any entity with total technology, management, security solutions. This combination is rare today. The capability of large corporate clients to afford and purchase these packages provides stability of income desired for DCH and insures the company of income diversification which will carry the company through uncontrollable downturn in the economy.

DCH has successfully completed the first round funding for this strategy of 1,000,000 dollars ($1,000,000). The board of Directors is currently considering the extension of Phase II funding via a Regulation 506 D private place offering in the amount 22 million.

1.1 Objectives

  1. Purchase a Technology business that is a White Box computer manufacturer and provides support and networking services.
  2. Purchase a Software Company with a premier management software program.
  3. Purchase a Technology Services company that specializes on data storage, telephony and security.

1.2 Mission

Domino Comptech Holdings (or simply Domino Comptech Holdings) is a holding company. The company’s purpose is to facilitate the acquisition and provide capital to increase the profitability and volume of the acquired businesses. This holding company offers an unlimited number of marketing opportunities and a complete business solution platform. This platform is a combination of marketing synergies that allows companies to offer complete technology solutions at low cost to their clients.

1.3 Details about this Plan

Function Follows

This is Domino Comptech Holdings’ business plan. We provide the following key points. Specifically:

  • The Sales Forecast table displays the projected and actual sales DCH expects to receive from the KMCI division.
  • The Personnel Plan table identifies only principals within the holding company. The projected Profit or Loss will not include other personnel costs that are related to the divisions.
  • The Profit and Lost table does not include sales and costs for sales, but only summarized projections.
  • The Cash flow table provides a summarized and condensed general cash flow. It also includes the assumed cashflow of the divisions.
  • Many discussions concentrate on the operations of the holding companies only. For example, the personnel plan discussion text presents the holding company only. This plan does NOT include details about the personnel of separate divisions.

1.4 Keys to Success

The keys to success in the business are:

  • Kettle-Moraine Computers, Inc. is committed to maintaining or increasing product quality and reducing the product failure rates by at least 5 percent.
  • Market successfully the S.E.A.T. management program.
  • Successfully acquire an existing software company with positive cash flow, existing assets (building, land, and equipment), of at least three million dollars, and with an existing top notch management team.

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