Financial Planning Business Plan

Financial Planning Business Plan



There are people in the Portland Oregon who are in need of investing advice, and those that are in need of estate planning help.


Grizzly Bear Financial Managers offers comprehensive financial planning and estate planning services. Grizzly&#8217s services offer a broad range of products, including equities, mutual funds, and estate planning. They also provide extensive research. Although it can be expensive for Grizzly for in-depth research to determine potential investments and options for clients, this will likely be offset by a long-lasting relationship built from earned respect.


Grizzly Bear Financial Manages will be promoting their services to 2 groups. They are those who want investment advice and those needing estate planning advice. These two groups will be targeted through networking activities and public seminars. Potential clients will be converted to long-term customers by Grizzly’s competitive advantage in terms of its thoroughness and depth of research.


Networking and the connections of people are a major factor in consumers’ buying decisions. This is because the industry of financial planning is so populated it is quite hard to make a decision for choosing a service provider. Since many/most people after a certain age have at least visited a financial planner it is not difficult to get a referral for a planner.

Why Us

Grizzly Bear Financial Managers’#8217′ mission is to provide financial planning services that are comprehensive for all our customers. We exist to attract and maintain customers. Everything else will follow this principle. We will exceed your expectations with our services.



Grizzly will be profitable by month eight, and modest profits by year three.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing Required

Meghan will be putting in $23,000 to start this business.

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