Fitness Equipment Business Plan

Fitness Equipment Business Plan

Circuit Fitness Importing was established as an Oregon LLC. The company was established to become the exclusive importer and distributor of Esercitazione Diritta (Exercise Standing), fitness equipment by Wega Corporation. Circuit Fitness Importing has been granted exclusive rights to import this patented equipment. It is already popular in Europe and the U.S.A.

The Market

American sports goods have a lower market share than the American fitness market. It has sales of $5.8billion. These equipment have seen significant increases in usage and membership over the past 10 years. Americans are realizing that unhealthy eating habits and inactivity can have a major impact on their health. The demand for fitness is growing rapidly. Circuit Fitness Importing identifies three customers who are particularly appealing:

  • Distributors- About 60% of the fitness equipment sales are handled by distributors. These sales are made primarily to fitness clubs.
  • Health Clubs – Another huge customer segment, expected to generate $565 million in annual sales for Year 1.
  • Vertical Markets – These facilities are not in the fitness industry and have more than 30,000 facilities.

Esercitazione Diritta (Wagon Corporation’s flagship equipment for fitness) is a patented technology that applies to strength exercise equipment. While most strength fitness equipment manufacturers place their users in a seated posture for the exercise, Esercitazione Diritta is different. Esercitazione Diritta instead requires the user to stand. This is advantageous for many reasons. First, this strengthens lower body muscles that hold the body upright. It also improves the central motor skills required to keep the body upright in the face of the weight lifting forces. Circuit Fitness Importing offers a competitive edge by using Esercitazione Diritta, a protected patented technology. Additionally, Esercitazione Diritta is built on casters allowing the units to be moved as necessary.


Max Peruggio will manage Circuit Fitness Importing. Max has many accomplishments that will allow him to be able to carry out this well-researched model.

  • Project manager for projects that exceed $100 million.
  • A successful sales manager who has increased the sales of a design business by 10 times in just two years.
  • Fluent in Italian and English.
  • Italian goods imported successfully into the U.S.A.

Circuit Fitness Importing will quickly grow its market share thanks to the combination of exceptional products, a license to import the patent technology, and an experienced sales manager. The revenue for years two, three and four are expected to reach $1.0million and $1.2million, respectively. The net profit for the same year will be 6.0% & 6.98%.

1.1 Mission

Circuit Fitness Importing is committed to bringing the best and most innovative fitness equipment into the U.S.A. Circuit Fitness Importing strives to exceed the customer’s expectations. Circuit Fitness Importing promises to be the most trusted importer of fitness equipment.

1.2 Keys to Success

  • Offer value to customers by providing the best and most innovative product.
  • Develop strong relationships with distributors, anticipating their needs.
  • For maximum profitability, it is important to have tight financial controls.

1.3 Objectives

  • To become the U.S.’s only importer of the revolutionary new Esercitazione Diritta fitness system.
  • To generate revenue of $1,000,000 within 2 years.
  • Within the first year, profitability is achieved.

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