Food Preparation Business Plan

Food Preparation Business Plan

What’s for Dinner? is an exciting, new business with a unique approach to helping people enjoy home cooked meals with their families. Our Plano, TX location will allow customers to prepare 12 meals from a menu that they have pre-selected. This is done in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They will be able to prepare a month’s worth of meals in just two hours.

We are able to focus on our competitive advantage (no direct competitors within the Dallas/Ft. Worth area), our customers, and their needs, What’s For Dinner? Sales will rise to $1.3M within three years.

What’s For Dinner? is owned jointly by Alan and Kim Kirby as an S Corporation. Kim and Alan have combined 15 years of experience as party planners and personal chefs in the entertainment and food service industries. They are well-versed in the Collin County food preparation methods. The frustrations of trying to feed two teenage children healthy food at a reasonable price and in a timely manner has been a constant struggle. The existing connections of Alan and Kim with local social and community organizations, as well Kim’s ongoing relationships to food distributors, specialty grocery grocers, or high-end clients, will all contribute to high sales starting in the first year.

What’s For dinner offers many advantages to its target market.

  • You can prepare a relatively cheap meal for up to four people by spending as little as $15
  • A fun, social, and party atmosphere
  • Convenient: Your prepared meals can be delivered to your home at any time you choose.
  • Saves time: no shopping, no prep, no clean up.
  • Seniors will find special menus and transportation assistance easy to eat.
  • Best of all, no need to decide ‘#8220’ “What’s For Dinner?”

This plan has two purposes. The first is funding in the amount of $259708. The second is laying the foundations to the company’s vision. It will also help us to understand our strategy and philosophy.

1.1 Mission

What’s For Dinner? The business is a special one that allows people to prepare healthy, yet delicious, meals that can be frozen and taken home to eat later. This is done to optimize time to prepare quality meals. Clients will be able to recognize the importance of this process within their current schedules. They will also be able to adopt the healthy lifestyle that is becoming the norm in a society with poor health.

What’s For Dinner? This unique service will combine a party atmosphere with expert food preparation to attract repeat customers. What’s for Dinner? This app will allow busy professionals and families to create a range of delicious meals quickly, in a fun atmosphere, without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Our goal to become a self-sustaining corporation within 3 years after the company was founded is to start expanding our menu offerings within 3 month and expand its locations offerings within 4 year. What’s for Dinner? will employ 4 individuals full time within 3 years, and will hit net profit goals of $100,000 by the end of its second year of existence.

We will help our customers find the perfect meal for their family by offering them a wide range of delicious options.

Success keys 1.2

The keys for success in this business include:

  • Customers will be satisfied with our products and services. This will increase customer retention month after month.
  • Marketing: We market ourselves to the public by using a combination of word of mouth and standard marketing techniques.
  • Great product quality and variety that will be used to aid in customer retention and growth.
  • Finances: With a growing customer base, we can lower our supply cost by purchasing more bulk goods through food service distributors.
  • There are many menu options available, depending on the seasons and customer preferences.
  • Delivering superior food quality at a competitive price to our customers is how we strive to exceed their expectations.
  • What’s For Dinner’s website will be an efficient and convenient place for customers to register and pay for parties.

1.3 Objectives

What’s For dinner? These are the objectives for What’s For Dinner in its first three-years of operation

  1. To exceed customers’ expectations for food service or food service products.
  2. Superior service is essential to increase the number and satisfaction of our clients by 25% each year.
  3. To build a sustainable start up business that is financially profitable.
  4. To make an after tax profit of $134K within the third year.
  5. To have a net profit of over 10% from sales in the third year.

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