Frozen Custard Shop Business Plan

Frozen Custard Shop Business Plan

Bauman’s Frozen Custard & Italian Ice will open a scoop shop on a busy street near Eugene, Oregon. Bauman’s Frozen Custard and Italian Ice is a new shop with long-term plans for the Eugene/Springfield area. Bauman’s Frozen Custard has received a $15,000 funding investment from Matthew Bauman. This will allow them to start a successful venture to secure start-up financing via a combination of debt and investment.

Bauman’s will be bringing Frozen Custard to Eugene, where it is currently not available. The company&#8217’s initial offering will consist of rich, creamy Frozen Custard mixed with bright, sweet Italian Ice. It will offer different sizes. By using selective marketing, we hope to build a loyal client base that will recognize Bauman&#8217s Frozen Custard & Italian Ice as a high class scoop shop offering a premium product.

Our first year sales are expected to reach $66,000, and then climb to more than $90,000. By the end of the second-year, we expect our revenues will have risen to over $90,000. Despite a first-year loss, we expect to become financially sound by year two. According to our marketing research, these sales should be easily attainable by even a start up scoop shop. Our overall financial model focuses on long-term opportunities and avoiding quick returns. This is in contrast to the fast-paced, trendy restaurants with shorter lives in bigger cities.

1.1 Mission

To create the finest quality all natural frozen custard and Italian ice with a commitment to incorporating the freshest, richest, and creamiest ingredients into a world class product.

To exceed your expectations with outstanding service and product offering in a warm, inviting and relaxing environment.

To actively seek out and respond to the needs of our customers.

1.2 Objectives

The objectives of Bauman’s Frozen Custard and Italian Ice are to:

  • Achieve more than $65,000 in sales during the first year of operations.
  • 10% to 30% increase in annual sales over the previous year.
  • Make sure at least one out of every five people within 10 blocks of our store is aware of the unique flavor benefits Frozen Custard has over traditional ice cream within our first six (6) months of operations.
  • Establish the business as the premier Frozen Custard store in Eugene.

1.3 Keys for Success

Bauman’s key to success will be:

  1. A high standard of quality in all its products.
  2. Maintaining and growing relationships with customers to generate new and repeat sales.
  3. Considerable investment in grass roots marketing
  4. We are constantly innovating to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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