Funeral Home Business Plan

Funeral Home Business Plan

U.S. funeral services are increasingly using ceremonies to commemorate death. This plan outlines the strategy by which the Evergreen Life Memorial Center (the Center) will define and dominate a new category of funeral provider in AnyCounty, Oregon. It also details how the financing it acquires will be used toward this end.

The Center will be formed as an LLC in the Anytown metropolitan area. It will be solely owned by Stan Peters, an experienced funeral home director and embalmer, active in nonprofit and community activities.

The Evergreen Memorial Center will give Anytown and its surrounding communities a way to honor the death of any individual and to provide support for those who are grieving. It will feature a reception space for social gatherings that can be held after the funeral. This will promote human connection and uplifting remembering. This is the way that the Baby Boomers are choosing to age. This facility will also be the basis of its strategy of community involvement to rapidly develop the reputation the Center needs to attract business in a way that benefits the charities it supports as well. We will use digital photos for the reception, as well on our website, in order to extend the celebration of the person’s life beyond their funeral.

Based on recent average prices nationwide, the Center has the potential of attaining its market share of $768,213 within four years. Based on current market prices, the Center’s market share stands at $841 412. The industry average gross margin for a funeral home is 62.5 percent. The Center expects to make an annual profit of about $194,000 from the funding request of $225,000 in the fourth year. There will be further increases due to inflation.

The Evergreen Life Memorial Center will allow those who have lost someone to death to be included in the community of life, rather than being stigmatized or marginalized. A new center will be established for community involvement. The Boomer generation will have the opportunity to leave the way they lived for the first time.

1.1 Objectives

The Evergreen Life Memorial Center provides celebration of an individual’s life and social support to bring closure and move ahead with living. The Center will gain a reputation for being a positive place for local celebrities of the Baby Boomer generation to remember their lives.

The Center will provide facilities to bring together families and communities in a way that celebrates and strengthens social support.

The reception area will offer digital photos and films of the deceased as well as our website.

These facilities will be available free to a number of nonprofit organizations in which the owner, Stan Peters, will be involved. These facilities will be available free to:

  • The Center can be integrated into the community of living people and formed positive associations.
  • You can build a strong reputation by organizing community events in the Center that local media will want you to mention.
  • Do your best to serve the owner’s desire to help others and improve the neighborhood.

Stan Peters will offer himself to take a leadership role in establishing a local chapter a nonprofit that assists children with life-threatening conditions, such the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Center will offer a guide to funeral planning for estate lawyers to provide to their clients.

These efforts will be supported by a publicity campaign in order to be the first in people’s minds with this new category of funeral provider. Evergreen Life Memorial Center, “People remembering people.”

1.2 Mission

Evergreen Memorial Center exists to help people celebrate the passing of a loved one and allow them to live a fulfilling life. The Center will have facilities that bring families and communities together to remember the life of the deceased and renew bonds of social support. The Center’s facilities will be the center of non-profit energies in order to make the community better.

1.3 Keys to Success

As 71 percent of funeral homes are chosen based on reputation, it is important to quickly establish a reputation as the place to be for Baby Boomers.

Celebrate their life after they have passed.

Its reception facilities, which will encourage positive interactions after the funerals and be used by nonprofit organizations, will be the Center&#8217’s centerpiece. This will make the Center uplifting, connect it to the community, provide the basis for publicity, and make it a center for the living.

Digital photos and films will be featured on the website and reception room. The Center’s web presence will allow people to participate in the celebrations of life after the reception and funeral are over.

Providing the greatest choice of quality caskets will make the Center the place to celebrate the lives of locally prominent persons. This will help to promote our reputation and foster publicity.

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