General Freight Trucking Business Plan

General Freight Trucking Business Plan



The USA is now a country that has many great cities and covers a lot of ground. The cities require food and supplies. Long-haul trucks can be the fastest and best way to get people food, before it spoils, and other supplies they need.


Mike&#8217, Trucking Service in Dallas, TX is a trucking company that strives to be the biggest trucking business in America. Mike’s is initially focusing on the food industry with plans to diversify with new industries served. Mike&#8217’s chose to focus on the trucking sector because it has the best growth prospects. Trucking is the largest freight industry in this country.


Mike&#8217s will utilize three distinct marketing strategies to generate new customers and raise awareness of the company. The promotion strategy is the first. This strategy will include press releases and advertising with various media. The second step will be to use incentives. Existing customers will be eligible for the incentives. Social media will be the last attempt to reach existing and new customers.

Mike&#8217s Trucking Service focuses on customer service and strives to be a top-rated trucking company in the USA. Profitability is forecasted to occur at month three. Mike&#8217’s forecasts sales of $100,000 year one, and $400,000 year three.


Although there are major players in each of the commercial carrier market segments, the market remains highly fragmented. Google searches for Dallas trucking show that many companies offer different types of services. Mike&#8217 s Trucking has major competition from companies that have similar truck fleets but also target the food business.

According to market research, customers in the food sector are sensitive to price. They value timely deliveries, special handling capabilities and orders that weigh less than a truckload. It is believed that customer recommendations and the reputations of carriers can influence buying decisions.

Why Us

Mike’s Trucking allows you to rent a truck of any size for any purpose. We offer this service to the entire Dallas area and plan to expand beyond this area within the first five-years of our operation.



The company is raising $165,000 for the purpose of financing equipment purchases to meet a growing demand for its services. The company management has reason to believe that an increased truck fleet will assist the company in its effort to widen its market offering and increase sales.

Financial Highlights Year-by-Year

You will need financing

We will raise $165,000. $105,000 will be invested in cash operations and $40,000 to purchase equipment.

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