Golf Course Business Plan

Golf Course Business Plan

Willow Lake Village, a new resort and retirement community, is only a half mile away from Willow Park Golf Course. This 18-hole course, located in the Crest Canyon expansion area, offers challenging terrain and stunning views. The property features a Pro Shop as well as a driving range, cart shed, maintenance buildings and a pavilion with 50 seats. The free shuttle service that serves all the area’s retirement complexes makes the course extremely accessible. Willow Park Golf Course has a snack shop on-site.

Each year, over 200,000 retirees visit the Crest Canyon area. They spend on average $250 million each year for lodging, food and recreation in the Crest Canyon region.

Marty Snyderman, Palmer St. Andrews, and Luke Roth, the co-owners for Willow Park Golf Course have signed a 10-year agreement with Claremont Properties worth $250,000 annually.

1.1 Objectives

For its first three year of operation, Willow Park Golf Course had these objectives:

  • Revitalize the old course and attract a loyal local clientele.
  • Strategic alliances and player word-of-mouth recommendations can make Willow Park a destination golf course for avid players and vacationers who are prepared to travel to play golf.
  • Exceeding customer’s expectations.
  • Resourcing an effective and experienced staff.

1.2 Mission

The mission of Willow Park Golf Course is to become a popular course with visitors to, and residents of, the Crest Canyon area.

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