Hair Salon Business Plan

Hair Salon Business Plan



First impressions are everything. For a great impression, a well-cut haircut is essential. A good haircut can cost a lot of money and take a long time. Budget constraints are a common problem for many families. They need a place where they can get these things done.


The superior customer service provided by Cranium Filament Reductions is what will set them apart. Cranium works in a “quick-salon” environment, where margins are lower and customers are more important than ever.


Hairstyling is highly fragmented. Regis Corporation runs a variety of franchises that cater to all market segments. Regis Corporation also owns thousands of smaller salons that offer very limited scope and services. This results in a highly competitive industry with low barriers to entry and exit. Hair styling clients have significant leverage because of the low switching cost. However, many companies have tried only one strategy to increase market share. Cranium believes that employee incentives can be used to make it possible to offer differentiated services at no additional cost.


Different buying patterns exist for men and women. Men are usually more focused on convenience and price. Men are less concerned about how their hair looks. For them, the easiest option is best. Women, on the other side, are more involved in hair styling and bond more with their stylists. They are also more loyal to their salon because they feel closer to them. Once a stylist has earned their trust they are more willing to blindly put their hair in the stylists hands.

Why Us?

Cranium Filament Reductions’ mission is to offer affordable, easy hair styling. We aim to retain and attract customers. All else will fall in line if we live by this maxim. We will exceed your expectations with our services.



This business is a service one so it doesn’t have high profitability. It provides a means for its workers to make a living.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing Required

The amount of financing needed is $105,000 That includes a $45,000 loan, and owner investment (Susan) of $60,000.

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