Home Interior Design Business Plan

Home Interior Design Business Plan

Claremont’s population has grown by 6% per year for the last five-years. 700,000. is the current population. The most important thing is that the city’s largest population growth is in southwest Claremont, which is also the city’s most affluent region. Southwest Claremont has seen a 20% increase in population over the past two decades. The average income for the area’s 80,000 residents is $200,000, and the average home value is $350,000. Home sales for the new construction in the southwest part of the city are expected to reach 600 million dollars. The area’s growth has led to an increase in remodeling of existing houses. The area spent $20 million on remodeling services last year, which was up 20% from the previous year.

In southwest Claremont, there has been a rise in demand for interior design services. The Claremont area saw $4 million in residential interior design sales last year. According to forecasts, sales will increase by 11% next year.

Hamlin and Park Design offers many interior design services for any client in southwest Claremont.

  • On-site consultations;
  • Survey of projects and analysis
  • Space planning & furniture arrangement
  • Design concepts;
  • Finishes & furnishings;
  • Custom designs;
  • Purchasing, delivery, & installation;
  • Project management & coordination.

Courtney Hamlin & Katherine Park have over ten years of combined experience at the city’s most respected interior design firms. Both have created a strong client base which will be referred to designers.

1.1 Objectives

Hamlin and Park Design offer a variety of interior design services that will meet the needs of any client in southwest Claremont.

The primary objectives of our firm are to:

  • Exceed customers’ expectations for service and product.
  • Superior performance will increase the number clients served by 15% each year.
  • Build a profitable start-up that can last.

1.2 Mission

Hamlin and Park Design’s mission is to assure superior customer service by doing the following:

  • Open communication with clients. Explanations of the ‘#8220’ pros and cons of different choices and design options are provided.
  • Be sure to include the client in every step of the design.
  • Exceed the expectations of the customer for the project.
  • Maintain continuing education of the latest development and innovations in the interior design field.

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