Hookah Bar Business Plan

Hookah Bar Business Plan

Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar (Cedars of Lebanon), a new concept hookah bar, will target customers from the Middle East and customers over 22 years old to provide an adult alternative to traditional hookah bars, which are often frequented primarily by college-aged hookah customers. Sayed and Yasmine batroun, business founders, will establish the first bar in Trendytown. The business will generate revenues through the sale of flavored tobaccos, non-alcoholic drinks, and appetizers. To open its first restaurant, the company needs angel investor funding.

The business plans to be profitable within the first year, with strong sales. By the third-year of operation, sales will triple. High margin products will make the net profit respectable. Exit for investors is possible from sale of the franchise to a chain of bars looking to expand their market.


Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar has set out to meet the following objectives through the opening of its first hookedah lounge.

  1. To create a community for hookah smokers that contribute programming, events, culture ideas, and programming to Arz al-Lubnan HookahBar. The result was 50 events or programmes in its third season.

  2. As a sign of the community, to maintain a Facebook Fan Page of 5,000 people by the end its third year.

  3. To become financially viable in its second year via the sale of tobacco, food or beverages.

  4. To establish a franchisable model for hookah bars and initiate fundraising and planning for franchising by its fifth year of operation.


The mission of Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar is to provide a comfortable environment, sometimes relaxing and sometimes energetic and stimulating, around which those who love hookah smoking, as well as new converts, can come together. The atmosphere will incorporate elements from the Middle East culture and the culture of the surrounding area.

Keys to Success

Arz al-Lubnan’s Hookah Bar is successful because of these key factors:

  1. Create a comfortable environment

  2. High quality hookah, food, and drink.

  3. Create a core group of loyal followers

  4. In the Trendytown region, expand the market for hookah smokers

  5. To energize the customer base, create their own culture and events in Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar

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