Horse Boarding Real Estate Business Plan

Horse Boarding Real Estate Business Plan

EquineAcres real property development projects is what it is. It is not an horse business. The good news is that &#8230

Who in business today does not know and love the story of a poor migrant gentleman by the name of Levi Strauss? We have included a brief summary of the story here, just in case.

Levi Strauss arrived California during the great Gold Rush. He, along with tens-of-thousands of others, had their sights set on bringing in the “big strike” and living wealthy for the remainder of their lives. Levi was a very observant man. While the pull to the gold fields was powerful, he could not help but notice the 1,000 who came back penniless for every 1 who came back with gold. He noticed that there was a shortage and that many of those who were providing supplies for those heading to the golden fields did not leave the city. One of the commodities in particularly short supply was canvas. Levi wired his “grub” stake back to East relatives and instructed them to purchase all of the canvas possible and ship it to him in San Francisco. He received his canvas and sold it in a matter of days at an amazing margin. He ordered more, bought more, and ordered even more. Soon he was supplying all sorts of supplies to those headed for the “gold.” Levi never did seek his fortune in the gold fields. He made his fortune in supplying the people who were going. As they say, the rest is history. The Levi Strauss Company, now part of the global Fortune 1000, has more than 100 years worth of successful and profitable business.

EquineAcres will follow this same simple business concept. The US equine industry is multi-billion-dollar. Oklahoma is 4th in terms of activity. The writer of this business plan has already “gone to the gold fields,” and come up wanting, i.e., already participated in the typical form of equine business and found it (as so many have) without financial reward. It is a well-known fact that blessings can come in many forms, and so it is with this business proposal. EquineAcres’ business plan, EquineAcres, is the result a lot of experience with the horse business. EquineAcres caters to those who are. Thank you, Mr. Strauss.

EquineAcres will use the business knowledge and experience gained over a successful 20-year professional career to penetrate an underserved market in a highly lucrative industry. EquineAcres has an attractive set products and services that are virtually unobtainable heretofore. This creates a profitable business entity that is ideally suited to exponential growth.

The reviewer of this business proposal is invited and encouraged. Upon recognizing the potential, to then contact the originator for further discussions in route to establishing a mutually profitable and rewarding business relationship.

1.1 Mission

EquineAcres, a resort community that is clean, tidy, and well managed, is dedicated to horses as well as their owners. Horse care is a priority. EquineAcres provides 24-hour monitoring and exceptional care. The owners are responsible for providing a stable environment, reliable and trustworthy business operations, competitive pricing and a facility that is able to handle all their equestrian concerns. The community’s good will and customer service will always prevail.

1.2 Keys to Success

These are the primary keys to EquineAcres’ success:

  1. A 100% lease rate.

  2. Aiming to achieve a minimum 75% level of sales for all products and services.

  3. A retreat community setting that provides a welcoming, relaxing and fun environment for the lessors.

  4. Offering a complete line of equestrian services and products in order to make the most revenue from lessors.

  5. Providing a return on investment substantial enough to fund the opening of two additional EquineAcres facilities, one each serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets.

1.3 Objectives

EquineAcres will have five primary goals that will determine its success:

  1. Percentage of leased Lots, 10 available Leases: 80% = Minimum, 90% = Acceptable Medium, 100% = Primary Goal.

  2. Percentage of maximum occupancy, 30 available equine residencies: 80% = minimum, 90% = acceptable medium, 100% = primary goal.

  3. EquineAcres – Percentage of residence feed purchased: Minimum 75%, 90% = acceptable medium, Primary goal 100%

  4. Percentage for monthly product sales goal $2,500: 75% ($1,875) = Minimum, 90% ($2,250), = Acceptable Medium, 100% ($2,750), = Primary Goal.

  5. Percentage for monthly services sales goal at $1,450: 75% ($1,075) = minimum, 90% ($1,300) = acceptable middle, 110% (1,600) = primary goal.

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