Independent Video Store Business Plan

Independent Video Store Business Plan

Independent Choice Flicks (ICF) is an alternative video rental store located in Eugene, Ore. ICF will rent movies not often available from the larger chains: film festival movies, independent releases, foreign films and other “arts” films. Eugene has a market for these kinds of films as demonstrated by its general demographics (liberal educated, college town) or the popularity of Bijou Arts Cinema which is a first-run movie theatre that focuses on the same type of movies.

The dominant Eugene stores have ignored this market. Although there are some films that do fit these descriptions they are not common. Large corporations have difficulty marketing to this market, especially with their current model of putting stores in all cities that have the same feel and library as their commercial releases.

ICF will steadily grow to profitability through the use of ICF&#8217’s competitive edge attention to its customers. This is manifested in two ways, 1) providing outstanding customer service and knowledgeable help, and 2) supplying movies that have a demand in Eugene but the demand has yet to be addressed by the other players who leave it off their radar, assuming it is only for the fringe of the general population. Fortunately, the fringe in Eugene make up a large part of the general population here. ICF will begin profitability in the first year and will have projected revenues of over $230,000 by year three.

1.1 Objectives

The following objectives are set for the initial three years of operation

  • To create a movie rental business that exceeds customer expectations.

  • To create an alternative franchise movie rental shop.

  • Superior selection and superior customer service will increase our client base by 20% annually.

1.2 Mission

Independent Choice Flick’s mission it to provide customers with independent, non-commercial movies. We exist to attract and maintain customers. This maxim will guide everything else. Our services will meet or exceed customer expectations.

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