Inline Hockey Service Business Plan

Inline Hockey Service Business Plan

Skate Zone was formed to offer inline skating. Skate Zone Miami is a company that promotes hockey and makes it available to all.

The company’s initial strategy was to promote and support Roller Hockey, one of the fastest-growing sports leagues in the country. The National Sporting Goods Association has shown a steady increase of participation since 1993. The company’s goal, which is to provide inline hockey players of all ages with a safe and professional environment, is to entertain and provide physical fitness and entertainment. The snack bar, which will be open during practice and games, will allow players and spectators to have food and drinks. The in-house Pro Shop will also be able to sell inline hockey products like sticks, body protector equipment, and skates.

These specific areas will be the source of income for the company, according to the company.

  • Registration fees. Person(s) who will be playing hockey will be required to pay a seasonal fee to play in the league.
  • Concessions of equipment and food. Profits from food and beverage items. Future plans are to offer equipment for sale that can be used in sports activities.
  • Special Functions. Miscellaneous Use for the Rink.

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