Inline Skating Products Business Plan

Inline Skating Products Business Plan

Pegasus is the top inline-skate accessory manufacturer in the industry. Pegasus has created three practical and innovative skate accessories. Pegasus has the ability to make worthwhile products since it is comprised of skaters creating products for skaters. Pegasus is poised to quickly establish itself as an innovative skateboard product company and gain market penetration.

Pegasus Limited Partnership is located in Venice CA. Venice was strategically selected to give Pegasus credible product feedback, as Venice is widely considered the capital of inline skating.

The Products

Pegasus currently stocks three products or is soon to release them. BladeBoots ™, a cloth wheel cover that skaters can use to protect their skates and any surface they are treading on, is the first. Pegasus’ second product, SkateSail ™, is an innovative product that creates a new sport that combines inline skateboarding and windsurfing. Pegasus is not only releasing this product, but they support and grow the sport as a legitimate extension to inline skating. SkateAid is their last product.

The Market

Pegasus will provide useful accessories to the growing market for inline skating. The market has been established with over 31 million pairs of skates sold already. 26 million were sold to recreational and professional skaters. That is the primary market that Pegasus intends to target. Pegasus’ market can be divided into five segments: speed, recreational, speed, hockey and extreme skaters.

Management Team

Pegasus’#8217 success is based on the fact that skaters are the core of the company. The products are made for skaters and the entire company lives and breathes line skating. Sal Chavez, the CEO, has 23 years’ experience in skating. He’s so passionate about skating that he no more owns an automobile. Instead, he commutes by using inline skates. Sal has worked in design for three different companies. Sal has extensive retail experience, which gives him a first-hand understanding of the preferences and needs of skaters.

Pegasus&#8217′ Vice President Sandi is also a true enthusiast. Sandi has seven-years of experience in product management at Rollerblade. Lastly, Beth Laird, Administrator and Web Master support Pegasus. Pegasus’ ambitious Internet efforts will be supported by Beth’s incredible computer skills. Beth is a subscriber to Inline Skating Today.

Pegasus can be described as an exciting business. It uses employees’ passions and promotes the sport by inline skating. Pegasus will achieve profitability by the end of month three. The company’s sales are expected to grow severalfold by year three. Pegasus will earn respectable net profit for the years one through three.

1.1 Objectives

  • We are committed to meeting the skate accessory market demand by providing high quality products.
  • SkateAids must be developed and manufactured within three months.
  • Skate tours are being developed by the Spring of next Year.
  • To reach profitability by the end the first year.
  • To encourage our customers to live healthy lives by making skating more fun and convenient for them.
  • We offer support to skaters through our website, including interviews with Doctor Kaye (Podiatrist) and answers for specific foot problems.
  • To build a strong e-commerce market, and maximize our profit margin. We earn 100% retail profit by ecommerce.

1.2 Mission

Pegasus International will fulfill the market need for after-market products. This is a market that we have identified based upon the large number of skates that have been sold over the last five year.

Pegasus will be establishing a service system for in-line skating by offering products that encourage more skating into everyday life. Our goal is:

  • Use skateboarding as an alternative for driving to run local errands.
  • Create a community of skaters that focuses on health and fitness.
  • SkateSailing to be promoted as an exciting new international sport.
  • SkateAids, and other products are being developed.

1.3 Keys for Success

  1. Through feedback from skaters, developing quality in-line skate accessories.

  • Create a niche market to sell our unique skate accessories.
  • Maximizing profit by selling online at full retail price
  • Maintaining low overhead costs by monitoring and scheduling production.
  • Establishing a relationship with other experts and businesses via interviews published on our site.
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