Internet ISP Wireless Business Plan

Internet ISP Wireless Business Plan

Grassroots Wireless, a start-up company offering wireless broadband Internet connections in several Chicago neighborhoods, is innovative. Grassroots can provide broadband Internet access to large areas by using Wi-fi technology as well as its own repeaters and antennas.

Steve Teche founded Grassroots. Steve holds a MBA as well as a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. This gives him the ability to execute this well-researched plan. Steve served two years in Peace Corps. This gave him an amazing boost of confidence and project management experience.

The market for wireless broadband Internet connections is wide open. Traditional broadband connections are still in demand. This is far beyond conservative forecasts. Wireless market is more exciting because of the significantly lower infrastructure costs. As Grassroots&#8217’ customer base grows, the costs of delivery infrastructure decreases. This makes Grassroots’ existence even more convincing.

Grassroots has targeted three distinct groups. The first target group is students. Students are the largest market segment and have high expectations regarding speed. The second group is professionals, people with disposable income, not a lot of excessive time on their hands, and a group that uses the Internet a fair amount, both personally as well as professionally. The last group that will be targeted is techies. This group is early adopters and spends a lot of time immersed with technology online.

The compelling business idea of Grassroots leverages the latest technology and proprietary tool to serve a need in the market at a fraction of market price. Margins can be increased as customers increase, which allows for great margins. This innovative business plan is likely to succeed, with Steve Teche in charge of its execution. The business will earn modest profits in year two, increasing exponentially in year three. Expected net profits to be equal in years 2 and 3.

1.1 Mission

Grassroots Wireless has the mission of providing wireless Internet access at a low price. Our services must satisfy every customer.

1.2 Keys to Success

  • Practice disciplined growth.
  • By year two, you will be financially independent.
  • Make sure that customer needs are met. Keep a 90% retention rate.

1.3 Objectives

  • Provide, fast, reliable, wireless Internet access.
  • Show respect to your customers.
  • Become profitable within two years.

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