Internet Service Provider Business Plan

Internet Service Provider Business Plan

Web Services Provider’s DSL customers are small and mid-sized businesses throughout the nation. Web Services Provider&#8217’s key markets are individuals and Web design firms. Small businesses also require server space. Web Services Provider’s main markets for dedicated servers include small to large businesses where speed and security are important. Web Services Provider’s main market(s), for co-location, is small and medium businesses, such as online trading and e-tailers.

Computer telephony integr (CTI), or convergence of the computer and phone industries, is called computer telephony. CTI’s market value is $4 billion. This is an increase of 30% per year. Some segments are growing at more than 100% per year. MultiMedia Telecommunications Association (Washington) estimates that CTI will grow by close to 70% in the coming year and threefold by 2000.

1.1 Mission

The mission of Web Services Provider is to provide quality Internet services, Web hosting, and DSL service to both large and small clients.

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