Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan

Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan

Laser Tag will be at the Big Mall shopping centre, which serves many of 115,000 MyTown residents. Big Mall shopping center is well located at 415 North West Birch Road, a road that carries well over 30,000 vehicles per day.

Laser Tag is an advanced laser tag game that takes place in a darkened, 4,500 square-foot arena. The goal of Laser Tag is to capture the base of your opponent. Smoke is everywhere. Lights flash. Music pounds. Your laser gun is fired through the noise to strike your enemies and capture their base. You must avoid getting shot. Laser Tag is a heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping game, in which strategy and luck are joined to defeat your opponents.

The lobby is decorated with an elaborate theme to create a WOW effect. Two tokens, 50 cents each, allow them to select from among the top 20 video games. For $119, corporate groups or individuals celebrating birthdays can rent one of the three party rooms.

The Zone Systems Company will provide the laser tag gaming equipment that has been featured on one of MTV’s Battle of The Sexes TV episodes, and by Walt Disney World. Zone Systems provides 24/7 operational support for state-of-the art laser tag equipment. This software is manufactured by Zone Systems and used in facilities centers all over the world. Zone Systems is a leading manufacturer of laser tag gear worldwide and has been in operation for more than 16 years. Zone Systems offers the complete Zone Systems software and a companion point of sale system. These will be used for managing all aspects the facility operation.

Laser Tag will operate as an Ohio subchapter S organization. John Smith will be the manager and owner of 100% of the Corporation. John Smith, a self-employed entrepreneur, has opened two successful businesses. John Smith is a successful 20-year business veteran with experience in marketing, accountability, management, training, and supervision.

This region is looking for high-quality and state-ofthe-art electronic entertainment. The principals will have the necessary skills and training in order to operate the laser tag complex. The start-up costs for the laser tag complex have been established at this point. These numbers can be exact, or they can be estimates based only on preliminary conversations that have been had with potential suppliers.

The plan is a solid foundation for the success of the business. It’s a well-established franchise business. Management team members have a track record of success in business and are able to work with people. The principals are optimistic that the loan would be repaid within 7 years and at an average annual interest rate (11%).

The highlighted chart below is based only on the worst case projections of #8211; 35% full capacity.

1.1 Objectives

Laser Tag will build a ‘#8220’ stand-alone Laser Tag facility. It will be a unique entertainment for Prosperous County/MyTown and the surrounding communities. Laser tag games will generate the majority of the revenue with the remaining revenue coming from video games and other peripherial devices. Within one year, the company will reinvest 60% of its anticipated Return on Investment to make state-of-the-art improvements, enabling Laser Tag to “lead from the front” in an ever-changing and enticing laser tag market. Laser Tag will continue to expand its food-and-beverage capabilities and improve upon its top-quality videogames. It will also provide souvenir shirts, sweats and mugs for its patrons and members.

1.2 Mission

Laser tag players will love playing in the safe, low-light, 4,500 sq. ft arena. The arena features flashing lights as well as theatrical haze, music and other surprising effects. Laser Tag will offer an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere while being committed to maintaining an environment enticing to not only teens and young adults, but also to the entire family. Our staff will be happy to welcome you as special guests or assist with group events such as birthday parties, recognition of achievement and scout recognition, and ensure that you have a great time.

1.3 Keys To Success

The key success factors are: staff training, customer satisfaction and marketing.

Themed Environments have the WOW! Facility must be able to handle the WOW! Zone Systems truly understands WOW! factor. The concepts that Zone Systems promotes tend to be visually stimulating and on-the-edge, topics which today’s teen males relate to very easily.

Training staff is vital to provide excellent customer service. Inadequately trained staff members can make it impossible to book a $150 birthday celebration or corporate event for several hundred dollars.

Customer Satisfaction are essential to the success of the facility over the long term. To make this a profitable business, it is essential to be polite, provide a pleasant experience, and ensure guests’ safety and satisfaction.

Marketing is a huge problem in the industry. Too many people think they’re Kevin Costner, the Field of Dreams. People will spend thousands of pounds on their facility and not a single cent on marketing. Then they wonder why they are closing.

Gear is the feel-good, touchy part. Your customers will handle the gear and wear it for 10 minutes or more. Their enjoyment of the event and the gear will determine their experience.

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