Marketing Strategy Business Plan

Marketing Strategy Business Plan



Consulting firms are needed to help start-up businesses in Cambridge decide how to market and grow their business. Research shows that many start-ups fail because they lack resources. It keeps people employed, and the economy is strong by helping them.


The Cambridge Strategy Group L.L.C. Our mission is to provide marketing and management consultancy services to small and growing businesses that are looking for ways to grow their success potential.


The market’s customer needs are what define the target market. There are also the forces that operate within the market. Market attractiveness is determined by market size, market growth and potential profit.


Many rivals exist in the Cambridge region that can be classified into four categories: market rivals and segment rivals; generic rivals and structural rivals.

Why Us?

The Cambridge Strategy Group helps small and emerging business maximize their potential to succeed.



The market for Cambridge Strategy Group’s services is huge. The three founders plan to initially work part-time in this venture and continue their full-time jobs at other companies. As we determine how best to enlarge our operations, we will consider expanding the business as defined in our strategy.

Financial Highlights by Year

Finance Required

The contributions of the three managing directors total $115,000. John Gordon is contributing $40,000, Todd Kuczaj will be contributing $40,000 and Ben Cordell will be contributing $35,000.

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