Massage Products Business Plan

Massage Products Business Plan

Massage Tools Products Inc. supplies massage tools to the retail and professional markets. Our products target the pain and discomfort caused by overuse injuries that are common in massage therapy professions. Massage Tool Products is designed for massage therapists. The unique ergonomic shape of Massage Tool Products gives you the ability to apply pressure where it is required with less hand strain and wrist strain. This product can be used for reflexology or trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, seated and seated massage, or just about any other modality.

This business plan will be used internally to help guide the company in its launch and growth. We will review the plan quarterly to see how we are doing in relation to our plans. Then, we will make adjustments to our business plans based on our actual results.

Massage Tools Products has enjoyed a strong growth spurt after we found the professional massage therapy industry that allowed us to increase our potential volume through schools. With the help of advertisements in trade publications and magazines for end users, we were able create an additional channel through our website.

The annual business plan for Massage Tools calls for slow, steady growth with a period of rapid increase in sales. The break-even analysis shows that Massage Tools has a good balance of fixed costs and sufficient sales strength to remain healthy. Our break-even point is just over $6,000 per month for the first year.

We also expect to be profitable as never before. Overall, the outlook is positive and shows that the company has good growth prospects. We look forward to managing our orderly growth.

1.1 Mission

Massage Tools Products Inc. is dedicated to providing top-quality massage tools that increase the effectiveness of massage therapists, and reduce repetitive injuries to massage professionals.

1.2 Keys to Success

  • Assembly cost is low
  • Favorable profit margins;
  • Innovative and market leader for massage tools;
  • Low overhead

1.3 Objectives

To get Massage Tools’ product line into at least 100 retail stores and massage therapy schools throughout the United States.

Develop a website that includes online ordering capability for Massage Tools’ product line.

To increase market share, create additional products in 18 months.

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