Mediterranean Restaurant Business Plan

Mediterranean Restaurant Business Plan

On the Water is a new Mediterranean restaurant on the Sunset Strip. On the Water is open to both casual and sophisticated diners who are looking for great food in a fun atmosphere. On the Water will strive to earn 85% gross profits through an innovative setting and a delicious menu.

The Market

On the Water is targeting tourists and locals that are active restaurant hunters. On the Water will target young adults between $15K-60K in income who want to enjoy good food and great times. On the Water will target adults and tourists who frequent Sunset Boulevard, in addition to young adults with cash to spend. Males and women between the ages of 20 and 50 with some or all college degrees are the general demographic. On the Water will be serving party animals from neighbouring cities and tourists in addition to Hollywood locals.

The restaurant industry has always been affected less by a drop in the general economy than the overall economy. It is partially due to the perception that food, from the grocery store or restaurant, is a fundamental need of life. People spend accordingly.

Service and Products

On the Water has a consistent quality: their unfailing service. All servers are highly experienced and go through three weeks’ training. This guarantees a benchmarked level of customer service. Services at the Water include a variety of cultural and art collections from Mediterranean Europe. The authentic atmosphere can sometimes seem to distract people from the rich array of artifacts displayed.

Lily Valdivia’s pride is this menu. The result of over 20 years’ worth of culinary experience is evident in the menu. It features traditional favorites like hummus, tabouli, and baba-ganouj. The freshest organic ingredients are used to make these favorites stand out. Many people don’t know how much better food tastes when it is prepared with fresh ingredients and lovingly prepared. There are also kebobs (and chutneys), flat breads (and desserts). Everything is made fresh daily and is homemade.


Lily Valdivia (an industry veteran) is the chef of the restaurant. Her first job as a waitress was 12 years ago. She quickly rose to the top of the food service industry, becoming a manager. Lily has worked as a manager at an European restaurant, which had more than $2.5 million annually in sales for five years. Lily began cooking when she was just a small child in Greece. Lily was raised in a large family, so it quickly became her responsibility cook for the whole family. Her mother taught her traditional recipes from three generations. Lily quickly mastered these and began experimenting with her own dishes. The feedback from her family was always very positive. She knew she would one day have to use this talent in a business venture.

On the Water is forecasted to reach profitability by month two. Sales are expected to grow to $1,785,000 over the next two years and to $2,345,000 by three. These sales are projected to generate high net profits.

1.1 Objectives

  1. In the third year, sales grew to over $2.345,000
  2. Maintain a gross margin around 80%
  3. In order to increase inventory turnover, you should aim to get to 200-hundred turnings next year in year 2 and to 240 the following year in year 3.

1.2 Mission

On The Water is a restaurant that offers exceptional mediterranean cuisine and a great bar and grill setting. Our mission is to provide excellent food and friendly service. Our dining environment is both sophisticated and welcoming. We concentrate on customer satisfaction and quality food that is always fresh and specially selected. We won’t judge someone based on how they dress. We want the On The Water grill to be place people can enjoy a good meal and meet new friends at our tropical Mediterranean Honey bar located inside the restaurant.

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