Microbrew Bar Business Plan

Microbrew Bar Business Plan

The Bottlecap is near the University of Oregon.

The Bottlecap is a new service that will be available to Eugene, Oregon’s university community. It offers a continually rotating range of unique, premium microbrews for the beer connoisseur.

The Bottlecap is a venture that Tyler Vogel and Dashiell Lavine have privately funded.

The Market

The Pacific Northwest is a leading microbrew center worldwide. Oregon and Washington both have the highest concentration of microbrew units of any of the 50 U.S. states.

The Pacific Northwest, especially Oregon, has a lot of beer production. It is clear that there is a large market for those who love fine beers.

The Bottlecap is targeting three distinct customer segments. The first is beer connoisseurs. These are people who love fine beers. This segment has a yearly growth rate of 12% with over 12,000 possible customers.

The Bottlecap will also appeal to general bar goers. These professionals use taverns as a place for socializing and unwinding after work. This group is on the rise at 8%, with potential members of 30,000.

The U of O College Students are the last group The Bottlecap wants to target. This group is more focused on the quality of the beer than the U of O students. The number of college students growing at 10% is reflected in the total number of 20,000 that can be accessed.

The Competition

The Bottlecap has three direct competitors that are all centrally located near the U of O campus.

By focusing on quality beer, The Bottlecap can differentiate itself from its competitors. The college students are more targeted by the competitors, as is their lower price.

The Bottlecap’s focus on a wide range of premium beers is just one of its two competitive advantages.

The company’s second competitive advantage is a companion site that provides customers with an active feedback mechanism to let them know their preferences for beer selections. This allows the customers to have a direct impact on the tap offerings. The Bottlecap gives customers the beer they want, but it also empowers them and makes them feel that The Bottlecap is there to meet their needs.

The Management Team

Dashiell Lavine founded the Bottlecap and Tyler Vogel will run it.

Dashiell’s experience comes mainly from the restaurant industry. Dashiell graduated from Reed College with a bachelor’s degree. He then began his career at Il Piato, an Italian restaurant located in NW Portland.

Dashiell worked as a server for two years and then was asked to manage the entire restaurant. Dashill did this for five years, gaining incredible experience and insight regarding all aspects of running a restaurant, both front-end, customer oriented skills as well as back-end operations. Dashiell was inspired by his time at Il Piato to make a career as a chef and continue working in the restaurant/bar sector.

Tyler was a CPA (CPA) from Arthur Anderson (AA). Tyler was a waiter in restaurants during school and then went to work at AA, where he acquired a wide range of financial control skills.

Tyler will be a valuable asset to The Bottlecap’s financial management and control abilities, as they will need to ensure a solid control mechanism for tracking and managing the large cash amounts that will flow through The Bottlecap every single day.

As it meets the high demand for premium beers, The Bottlecap is a great venture.

Customers will enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere at The Bottlecap, where they can meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and sip fine beers. It is forecasted that The Bottlecap will reach profitability by month four and achieve approximately $73,000 in profits by year three.

1.1 Objectives

Below is a listing of The Bottlecap’s objectives.

  • Keep eight or more of the best quality, rare beers available on tap
  • Aim to grow your business by at least 10 percent per month

  • The companion website helps to increase customer awareness about what The Bottlecap has to offer. You can track hits to the website and measure its popularity.

1.2 Mission

To build an economic healthy company that offers a variety quality beers in casual and classy environments that appeal to a wide range customers.

1.3 Keys to Success

These are the keys to The Bottlecap’s success:

  • Keep good relationships with reliable beer distributors

  • Well designed bar with a unique and entertaining atmosphere.

  • High-quality entertainment.

  • Repeat customers.

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