Miniature Golf Course Business Plan

Miniature Golf Course Business Plan

The Business

Sammy&#8217’s Family Entertainment Center is home to a miniature golf course, which acts as the first anchor for any other attractions. Family Entertainment has experienced a boom in popularity over the last few years. This is due in large part to the return to family values. Miniature golf, video arcades, climbing walls, and food service will be the first profit centers.

Firefly County has 150,000 residents within a 15 mile radius. One of many fascinating facts about miniature-golf is the wide range of customers. While families with children may act as an anchor, seniors, teens, and corporate customers add significant income. A variety of fun promotions keep the business profitable during the entire season. While our marketing plan is devised from other successful plans in the industry, there will be some additions as we start the business. Mulligan-Bogey Leisure Builders, our construction experts, include a marketing plan with golf course completion. This plan has input from over 200 course owners. It also highlights the most successful marketing programs across the country.

John and Michelle Putteer have successful experience in small business ownership, personnel management, and financial management. The course is operated with one person during the day, and two to three during peak hours. Low personnel requirements make management simple and keep employee costs low.


Miniature courses have low inventory costs and are easy to operate, which allows owners to quickly reap the benefits. The business should be profitable within the first year if it is based on conservatively calculated sales projections.

Investment Goals

Sammy&#8217s will open with an initial investment made by John and Michelle Putteer. A long-term loan is also available. One local commercial bank has expressed an interest in the idea. John has also been approached locally by investors interested in the possibility of investing in this project.

1. Keys to Success

  1. A prominent, well-trafficked spot near the centre of our service region.
  2. Friendly, happy employees providing superior customer service.
  3. Community pride in a safe and clean environment.
  4. Have fun while producing quality products

1.2 Objectives

Sammy’s main goal is to create a safe and relaxing environment for friends and family to spend quality time together while enjoying exciting outdoor activities.

These objectives include:

  • Opening for business April 15.
  • Be profitable in the first year of operation.
  • First year sales exceeding par
  • After three years of operation, add a Go-Kart track.

1.3 Mission

Sammy’s Mission is to provide THE family entertainment center for the community members who live in or around Firefly County.

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