Motorcycle Shop Business Plan

Motorcycle Shop Business Plan

Recycled Riding Dreams offers quality used motorcycles to growing markets of motorcycling enthusiasts. Recycled Riding Dreams will provide a great value for beginners and affordable bikes. Quality used parts can reduce the cost of repairs or modifications by up to 50% to 75% for the more experienced biker.

In the past ten year, biking has gained a new customer base from baby boomer men between 40 and 65. The number of motorcycles sold by this age group was twice as high last year than the sales of young men between 18 and 25. Montclair’s motorcycle sales surpassed $6 million in 2000. This year, sales are forecast to grow by 15%.

Montclair has 650,000 residents and an average income of $28,000. The city has seven motorcycle organizations and sponsors an annual cycling event as part of the city’s spring celebration.

Brian Jefferson, the owner of Recycled Riding Dreams, is one of Montclair’s most well-known motorcyclists. Brian is the president for the largest motorcycle organization in the area, with over 800 riders. Brian was the leader of the motorcycle parade that took place during the city’s spring celebrations last year.

Recycled Rider Dreams will continue to be a popular shop in the city due to its connections with the motorcycling industry and growing demand for quality motorcycle parts and used motorcycles.

1.1 Objectives

Recycled Riding Dreams has the following objectives:

  • Capture the majority of the used motorcycle business in the Montclair.
  • Our customers will receive a high-quality service at a very affordable price.

1.2 Mission

Recycled Riding Dreams was established to be Montclair’s first source for used parts.

Success keys 1.3

Recycled Riding Dreams can be a great success.

  • Refer customers.
  • Customer expectations for quality, timeliness, price and service are exceeded.

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