Movie Theater Business Plan

Movie Theater Business Plan

Falls River, a small town, lost its last movie theatre 10 years ago. Residents are now required to travel approximately 30 miles to reach a cinema if they want to spend a night at the movies. They arrive at the theatre to find a massive antiseptic megaplex with little character.

Falls River Theatre will offer Falls River residents an exciting, local theatre. The second run of most popular films in two markets will be shown: young adults as well as families. The historic building housing the facility is an old theatre that was built in 1936. It has been home to many of the local acting companies for decades. It has been used for community functions only since its closure. The owners plan to restore the building to its former glory and make it a main destination for evening entertainment before the grand re-opening.

Steve Brinksman (the owner) and Samantha Farmer (the operator) have the experience, capital and expertise necessary to make this theatre a success. Samantha has managed a large moviehouse for seven year, gaining valuable skills in management and movie selection as well as establishing relationships with key figures in the industry. Steve has the skills and the ability to refurbish and modernize the building in order to make it welcoming and comfortable.

The owners make a significant initial investment and we can see modest profit by year two.

1. Keys to Success

  • Proper film selection is important for both the theater’s environment and the audience.
  • A mix of quality snacks, beverages and traditional movie fare will bring in more revenue.
  • To control costs, it is important to manage your internal finances.
  • Great customer service.

1.2 Objectives

  • Strong sales in the first and third years, with more than doubling of sales by year three.
  • Concessions provide excellent revenue.
  • Modest by stable profit margin by year two.

1.3 Mission

Falls River Theatre’s mission is to provide a small-town entertainment experience with big city flair in a small community. We offer a comfortable environment where customers can enjoy second-run movies in a relaxed atmosphere. All this is within a short drive or walk from their home. Falls River residents are accustomed to this comfort since the theatre closed 11 years ago.

We want to please the community (who can wait for a few weeks to watch their favorite movies but don’t want to spend big-city, new release prices). We will also provide our customers with satisfying and reasonably priced snack foods and beverages.

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