Nightclub Resort Complex Business Plan

Nightclub Resort Complex Business Plan

EbonySun Entertainment Resort will be located in Gotham/Metropolis and is one of the biggest night life entertainment venues in the world. Mr. Clubb is the owner of 12 Gotham nightclubs and casinos. His experience will be used to create the next party spot. EbonySun will be a 400,000-square-foot venue that can entertain people in a unique manner. It offers 10 different themes of nightclub rooms and has the capacity to hold 10,000-17,000 people at a time. The goal is to provide a unique nightlife experience for all adults aged 21-40 living in the Gotham/Metropolis area. The facility will have 4 restaurants with different themes, 10 themed nightclub rooms, 10 individual offices, training and conference rooms, 2 VIP rooms and a large sports center complex for entertaining all kinds of people from nearby businesses and colleges in this area.

The entertainment center will include an outside pool with waterfalls, mountains, and a beach for summer parties. The resort will offer parking facilities for 50,000 people and 4 helicopter landing platforms to accommodate business executives. This unique entertainment facility is located close to 150 universities and colleges which make it more attractive for college students market.

EbonySun Entertainment Resort will host live concerts. The different themed club rooms will feature entertainments such as South America’s wildest party and world’s largest dance floor, water bars and hot tub bars, Oxygen bars and New Orleans entertainment theme. There will also be rooms with room themes like galaxy, country, rock, and hip-hop dance floors, Broadway themes and more. The Sports Center will have 100 TV terminals that show various sports events around the world and more than 200 gaming machines.

The ultimate goal of the EbonySun Entertainment Resort is to offer a unique nightlife entertainment destination that is unrivalled anywhere else in the U.S. With its unique themes and facilities, the EbonySun Entertainment Resort will be able to attract and serve 8 million people in the larger Gotham/Metropolis area.

To fund construction of the facility, and support its cash reserves during the first year, we are seeking $7.96 Million in equity financing. Investors will receive dividends equal to three times their initial investment, starting in year 3. This entertainment resort business model was designed to support the startup of this venture and seek investment. Details of the investment offering can be found in the financial topics.


Management at BigBank Corp has identified the need for a unique Nightlife Entertainment Resort in Gotham/Metropolis. With its proximity to hundreds of colleges, the resort will generate good revenues through entertainment. EbonySun has the goal of creating a premier nightclub entertainment resort that features multi-national themes as well as sports and eating facilities. This will create unique night entertainment especially for Gotham students and business executives.

  • You can be a leader of Nightlife Entertainment. Make your facility unique by offering 10 different themes, multilever bars, live concert, multi-leverbars, various national themed rooms, huge dance floor, VIP luxury entertainment, etc.
  • Capitalize on excellent location opportunity where there is no competitors exist at such large scale setup
  • By practicing diligent management, you can ensure tight control of your cash flow, operations and costs.
  • Customers will be satisfied if you provide a unique customer experience


EbonySun Entertainment Resort is a nightlife destination that offers an unforgettable, unmatched entertainment experience. We provide highest quality entertainment in wide range of theme based nightclub rooms. We offer facilities for the wildest parties and dance events. Offer high quality, varied food services to people. High-quality customer service provided by highly trained staff. Our goal is always to be ahead of the rest. We want customers to have more enjoyment in their leisure times. Unique multi-national food options in top-class theme-based nightlife entertainment venues. We want to be the leader in nightlife entertainment in U.S.

Keys to Success

The keys for success in achieving our objectives are:

  • The highest quality service.
  • Managing finances to increase profit by reducing operating costs.

  • Experienced management.
  • Creating a unique entertainment effect. Increasing the number repeat customers
  • Targeted Marketing using various advertising channels. Barriers to entry caused by uniqueness of facility
  • Securing financing
  • To maintain and grow its referral network to generate repeat and new sales.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of operations
  • Service offerings at a competitive price
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